(i) Management role that coordinates tasks,policies,standards,practices and systems. .alphaList li{ (i) Generally advice relates only to immediate work area. (d) Where leave is granted under clause 22.5,during the period of leave an Employee may return to work at any time,as agreed between the Employer and the Employee provided that time does not exceed 4 weeks from the recommencement date desired by the Employee. This will generally involve responsibilities for the maintenance and retrieval of school records including personnel,finance and student records. (ii) Provide advice and recommendations to senior management in respect to the resolution of issues. 17.2 Early Childhood Teacher in charge allowance. An Employee entitled to leave under clauses 22.2 or 22.3 is not entitled to leave under this clause 22.4. (i) Supervisory positions use sound communication skills to negotiate with staff on matters such as workload,work assessment and counselling within school guidelines and policies. (iv) Consideration of the school charter and school policy will impact on work. 10.1 Employees may be employed ongoing or fixed term,either full-time or part-time,or on a casual basis. (e) An Education Support Employee will be paid pro rata salary loading allowance in respect of service prior to cessation of employment. An agreement under this clause can only be entered into after the individual Employee has commenced employment with the Employer. .alphaList{ (d) These provisions are to be read in conjunction with other award provisions concerning the scheduling of work and notice requirements. (iii) Provides assistance to students,which requires a basic understanding of program objectives and content. A key aspect would be that curriculum objectives and outcomes are clearly identified and instruction to students would follow established guidelines. B.5.2 Work Features and Skill Requirements –ES 4. This may extend beyond a single functional area. Computer services positions would provide a higher level of technical competence in programming than would be required at the ES 3 level. The Handbook is available from the following website:www.jobaccess.gov.au, SWS wage assessment agreement means the document in the form required by the Department of Social Services that records the employee’s productive capacity and agreed wage rate. The Handbook is available from the following website:www.jobaccess.gov.au, SWS wage assessment agreement means the document in the form required by the Department of Education,Employment and Workplace Relations that records the Employee’s productive capacity and agreed wage rate. 10.2 A part-time Employee will receive salary,leave and other entitlements under this award on a pro rata basis other than the reimbursement of work related expenses under clause 19. An Employee employed under a supported wage system will receive payment in accordance with Schedule C. (a) An Education Support Employee who holds an appropriate first aid qualification and performs first aid in addition to the normal duties of his or her position will be paid an annual allowance of 1.60% of the standard rate per annum,pro rata for part of a year whilst so appointed. (i) Maintenance of confidentiality,ie able to be trusted with private and sensitive information. Upon request a casual employee will also be given a statement setting out the number of days of duty worked by the employee during the period of the engagement. (iv) A knowledge of the School charter and how the work area contributes to the achievement of the school’s objectives would be critical to a position at this level. 17.3 Early Childhood Educator in charge allowance. 10.10 Termination of casual employment —teachers. ●Have a good understanding of and participate when required in emergency procedures. 23.3 Where the Employer is satisfied that the illness of an Employee with at least 6 months’service is directly related to,or is aggravated by,an accepted war-caused disability that Employee will be granted war service sick leave to the extent credited in accordance with clause 23.2. (e) For the avoidance of doubt,the requirement to consult under clause 8.3 does not apply: In the event of a dispute or grievance about a matter under this award or the NES the following processes will apply: 9.1 In the first instance the parties must attempt to resolve the matter at the workplace by discussions between the Employee or Employees concerned and the Employer’s representative at the workplace. This clause of the award provides industry specific detail and supplements the NES that deals with termination of employment. ●an aptitude for working with school aged children. (b) result in the Employee being better off overall at the time the agreement is made than the Employee would have been if no individual flexibility agreement had been agreed to. out of school refers only to periods out of school beyond Year 10 as at the first of January in each year and is deemed to: (a) lude any period of schooling beyond Year 10 which was not part of or did not contribute to a completed year of schooling; (b) include any period during which a trainee repeats in whole or part a year of schooling beyond Year 10;and, (c) not include any period during a calendar year in which a year of schooling is completed, relevant State or Territory training authority means the bodies in the relevant State or Territory which exercise approval powers in relation to traineeships and register training contracts under the relevant State or Territory vocational education and training legislation.