". Thor notes that he still does not trust Loki. He desperately tried to get them to agree with him, now trying to do right, but he was corrected by Barton who stated that she could not be brought back. When he was joined by Iron Man and Captain America, he informed them that Thanos had been doing nothing, as they addressed that the location of the Infinity Stones were unknown and that Thanos didn't have them. Travis Willingham. When questioned as to why, Thor revealed the Mind Stone and Time Stone were on Earth, and protected by the Avengers. Managing to get through to Heimdall, Thor was immediately shown that Asgard was currently in an utterly dire situation as Heimdall was being forced to evacuate the Asgardians before Hela to imprison or execute them, having already slaughtered the Warriors Three while Thor had been gone. [19], Thor arrives at the location of the Scepter. Strange then invited Thor to put down Mjølnir, which had been transformed into an umbrella for his time on the Earth, with Strange providing him with a coat stand to place Mjølnir in as Thor obliged him. However, when it became clear he was now annoying Thor with his constant talking, Loki decided to have more fun and changed Thor's appearance into Lady Sif and his own into Captain America, mocking Thor as he went about his friendship with the Avengers as he joked about Captain America's own grand patriotism. She asked when he would return, which he alluded that he wouldn't be. Thor attempts to convince Loki to surrender, Once they crash landed onto a mountain, Thor tried to convince Loki to give up his plans and return to Asgard with the Tesseract, though Loki still resented Thor. To see if their ally had died due to his lack of air while in space, Thor ripped off Stark's mask and for a moment it appeared he had been killed; however, a roar from Hulk soon awoke him with a shocking start. Having taken control of the Commodore, Thor had then piloted the ship high over Sakaar while Grandmaster alerted his followers of the situation and ordered them to find and capture Thor, noting that he had also kidnapped Hulk. Thor then tried to relieve his friends worries by assuring them that he was truly fine and then rejected their request. The Destroyer simply rearranged its body to face Sif and nearly killed her. She told Thor about herself, noting how she would often sit on the roof to think or get away from all the annoyances of Darcy Lewis while returned her notebook which he had retaken from S.H.I.E.L.D. Thor told her that these issues were the reasons he had turned down the throne, noting that this was not about the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf or even the two of them, but the Asgardians themselves who were in danger, but still, Valkyrie refused to be involved in the fight against Hela.