Read more about toll compatibility issues in our news section. Luckily, some localized or regional toll passes are linked to prepaid toll programs in other states, and state governments across the country are improving these networks for your convenience. (There are some shorter sections and spurs that are tolled differently.) Until my son was born a few years ago, I was a diehard motorcycle enthusiast who traveled the globe. I'm SUPER organized and I love to pack! Regional pass compatibility has become quite common, particularly across the New England states to the Midwest and through the Mid-Atlantic. Cashless toll lanes will remain open in these cases, and all tolls will be collected electronically until further notice. 81 Reviews . is not affiliated with any government agency. E-FAST PASS PROGRAM PHONE NUMBER: (915) 212-7540. But they aren’t perfect.

But until more states work out the bugs on these interlinked prepaid toll programs, I still recommend you buy the toll pass specifically designed for the state(s) you’re driving in to avoid fees, fines, or other problems. Now, grounded as a first-time mom, I share my love for outdoor adventure with my son and extended family in the Smoky Mountains... and beyond. Common features include audible alerts when going through toll plazas or a gantry, as well as alerts when account balances are low. Even the federal government is working on the situation. Customers may also check their balance through our EPTOLL website. I hope you find them just as useful as I have! Portable transponders cost more to purchase, and some agencies require a you keep a higher balance on your account when you register a portable unit. Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX). Where can I use it? Some toll roads cost an arm and a leg to travel on (a nationwide average of more than 17 cents per mile), but let’s face it — they can save so much time and even gas money getting from Point A to Point B. I’m on highways pretty often because I like taking long road trips. IMPORTANT!
I've lived in 6 different states (Florida, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas) and have visited every other state in the U.S. -- except Hawaii.

Calculate tolls for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, commercial vehicles and tractor-trailers. Roof attachments require a mounting plate that uses a special foam tape, to which the transponder is then attached. Toll roads are able to provide those advantages because of the extra cost to drive on them. Easy peasy…, Consider the scenic Pennsylvania Turnpike….

EZ Pass users, meanwhile, paid only $30.32 to travel the same distance.

Additionally, once a sticker is removed from your windshield, you must discard it, making sure to deactivate or unassign the unit from your vehicle. I can travel just about anywhere on the East Coast and cross state lines without worrying about toll delays. Toll passes are really easy to buy, even easier to use, and perfect for those who travel on highways and byways in places where there are toll roads. Some transponders also have switches to select passenger counts, often used to determine rates on tolled express lanes, as well as to offer carpool discounts on toll roads and bridges. By the way, let me holler a hearty shout-out for the E-ZPass.

Both systems are now compatible across the state of Texas.

Vehicles using a tag may use any Southbound lane at the Stanton or Zaragoza Bridges. Stickers can NOT be moved from one vehicle to another. I've been on several different cruises, airplanes, and boats in my life and I currently enjoy the outdoors by bicycling, motorcycling, Jeeping, RVing, camping, or just walking my dogs.

You may download these reference materials as well. I don’t currently live in an E-ZPass state, but it’s definitely the best prepaid toll pass program I’ve ever used. Currently E-Fast Pass tags may be purchased on our website or at the Toll Plaza Office, located adjacent to the toll booths at the Zaragoza Toll Bridge. TxTag is the statewide pass used across the state of Texas, and it is nearly compatible with all local and state-operated toll roads.

These types of transponders make use of suction cups to affix to your window. Additionally, portions of Florida are also compatible with E-ZPass. Filed Under: Money-Saving Travel Tips, Travel Tagged With: Alabama Travel, Arkansas Travel, California Travel, Delaware Travel, Florida Travel, Idaho Travel, Indiana Travel, Michigan Travel, Nevada Travel, New England Travel, New York Travel, Ohio Travel, Oklahoma Travel, South Carolina Travel, Tennessee Travel, Travel Necessities, Virginia Travel. Does anyone know if the tollroads in Texas accept the EZ pass? Do not place the sticker or transponder in a location that will block the view of the driver or impede your ability to operate your vehicle! ), With my toll passes, I don’t need to fret about having exact change anymore — I just drive on through the toll plaza or under the toll gantry without tossing a single quarter out my window. As a lifelong traveler, I like to help people find unique ways to do things that will save time & money -- so I write about "outside the box" Travel Hacks that most wouldn't think of. I can drive through several different states in the Northeast and parts of the Midwest using the same electronic toll collection program.

A reason in favor of toll roads mentioned in The Texas Tribune was, "that tolls: are "vital" to the state's future mobility planning as Texas tries to close the gap on road funding shortfall. As a local historian, I've also written about other popular landmarks and attractions for a variety of publications. See the illustration for reference. In the near future, the tags will also be available at the Stanton Street Bridge and at the One Stop Shop, at 811 Texas.

Some units may also include notification lights or LED's (light-emitting diodes). (Though I must admit, I kinda liked getting to chit chat with the toll collectors for a few fleeting seconds as I pulled through the plazas when I paid with cash! Vehicle classes and definitions are shown, along with information to pay missed tolls. Portable transponders will have varied features, depending upon which agency issues the unit. The E-ZPass system is the largest interoperable toll collection and payment system in the United States. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Images of Modern America. The unit's ID number corresponds to a database in state records that contains your user account and vehicle information.

When I'm not on the road, you will find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites).
The placement of your toll pass is critical to making certain your unit and the information stored thereon can be properly read by electronic tolling equipment. TxTag is the statewide pass used across the state of Texas, and it is nearly compatible with all local and state-operated toll roads. Please double-check before you hit the road to see whether the state(s) with an asterisk have implemented toll roads — better safe than sorry, right? JFK Assassination and Museum Tour with Lee Harvey Oswald Rooming House. Most agencies permit more than one transponder to be assigned to an account, but only one vehicle may be assigned to a transponder ID at any given time. The Kansas K-Tag and the Oklahoma PikePass are also compatible across this tri-state region of the Southern Plains.

278 Reviews . *Some of the states listed above as having “No Government Toll Roads” do in fact have proposals on the table for the future construction of toll roads.

I-PASS; North Carolina QuickPass; Indiana Toll Road; RiverLink - Kentucky / Indiana ; Central Florida Expressway Authority .

I authored the book Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Images of Modern America, which details the colorful history of the Busch Gardens theme park. My favorite "hobby" is riding on the back of our Harley-Davidson Road Glide traveling cross country -- which we usually do at least once each year. Often, families will have more than one vehicle and, consequently, more than one pass on their account. Currently there is a 1.98% charge added to credit card payments made in person. There are other toll systems in states that operate toll roads, tunnels and/or bridges. It may not be used on other Florida toll roads outside the Orlando area.

The main corridor of the Pennsylvania Turnpike is some 360 miles long — or about 30 miles longer than taking a trek across the Keystone State on the nearby Lincoln Highway/Route 30. Some toll roads only accept electronic payments—you won’t have the option to pay with cash or card. Both systems are now compatible across the state of Texas. Toll roads are typically faster and less crowded than regular highways, and they are better maintained.

Exact change and “cash only” means exact change and cash only. The most common type of toll pass is a sticker that gets affixed to your windshield.

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted but a 1.98% service charge will be added. There are two other major regional systems: the TollPass from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the TollTag from the Houston area. Born and raised in Tampa, I grew up visiting Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

I live in Florida and often drive through the Mid-Atlantic and New England, so I use my SunPass in my home state for everyday travel and glide through toll plazas and toll gantries along the upper East Coast using my trusty E-ZPass. Here’s a list of each state’s prepaid toll program: Here’s a list of all toll roads in the United States. The discounts can be substantial for regular haulers and commuters, who may need to use a specific road or group of roads on a consistent basis.

So that’s one reason I buy a toll transponder.