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Wagyu Short Ribs. Copyright ©2017 Corbin in the Dell. We’ll send you Wagyu premium steak ordering options when they come available. 1 tbsp finely chopped chives .

Wagyu Legacy supplies free range, farm raised, hormone free premium American Wagyu beef. Divine theme by Restored 316. Moon says a full-blooded Wagyu bull with good conformation can easily fetch $10,000, so it’s easy to see why watered-down bloodlines are attractive to unscrupulous ranchers and restaurateurs. No antibiotics, no added growth hormones. We offer free range, organically fed, hormone free American Wagyu beef. His approach lies somewhere between the 100 percent pasture-raised, grass-fed beef and the jammed Midwestern feed lots. Now in his seventies, he would like to see this hobby be something more for future generations, which is why he continues to actively work with the American Wagyu Association (AWA) to better understand what sets these animals apart. American Wagyu is beef a particular breed of cattle raised in a specific way to produce the most phenomenal and unique beef. That is why the skinny legs and gracile bodies of Wagyu cattle defy beefy perceptions. Along the way he got good at real estate development, which is how he found Spring Hollow Farm, at the time an overgrown valley with a house on the edge of dilapidation. However, we don’t raise cattle to admire their bone structure. A legendary collection of Japanese breeds, Wagyu and their prized meat deeply capture the steak-draped imagination of carnivores.

Bred here, born here, raised here, fed here. ea. “They have more omega-3 than salmon,” Moon adds. Technically, the term can only be used for beef from Japan and only from specific breeds of Wagyu. Some, like the Scottish Highland, are shaggy, stout and low to the ground, making their long horns seem even longer in a prehistoric kind of way. Bulk Beef.

We always excited to get a new order in from Wagyu Legacy! Premium Quality. All rights reserved. Our cattle free range on our expansive Tennessee ranch. All Japanese Wagyu Beef comes with a Certificate of Authenticity in every order. Raines Farm - Main Office. It’s a common conundrum in agriculture, and not for the faint of heart or shallow in pocket. This helps ensure your order will remain fresh. If you give a damn about sustainability and the origin of your food, please join our mailing list.

Artisanal foods require artisanal farmers, and the economic dance is always on the razor’s edge.

It’s easier when the herd is small enough for one or two people, but Moon is approaching the awkward middle ground, trapped between being manageably small and being efficiently large. USDA inspected & approved . Restaurants like Urban Grub, Kayne Prime and other M-Street properties, the 404 Kitchen, Josephine and Etch are the kinds of places whose clientele will pay upward of $80-$100 a pound on the plate. And for now, the wholesale restaurant business is Moon’s only game, given his limited stock, but he takes inquiries for whole sides of beef as well as beef from his hybrid breeding stock. Part of the expense of Wagyu is the time it takes to raise them to slaughter weight.

With over 10 years of experience breeding, harvesting and distributing Wagyu beef, Raines Farm is the perfect fit for any restaurant or market wanting to sell premium meat options to their customers who are craving high-end products. Small herds and personal care in animal husbandry make for an expensive product. Pastured Pork. He cooks Angus steaks sous vide, which is vacuum-sealed in a controlled temperature water bath at 105 degrees first. Of the beef market in general, Tom believes that, “in most cases, the ultimate consumer does not know the origin of the beef, let alone its breed, how it was raised, what it was fed, or how it was treated.” At Tennessee Wagyu, “We raise our stock as if they were our own.

Order American Wagyu Beef. Wagyu Skirt Steak. Bulk Grass Fed Ground Beef — 1 lb. Hickory Smoked Bacon. WebFont.load({google:{families:['Lato:900:latin','Lato:300:latin','Playfair+Display:700italic:latin','Merriweather:700:latin','Crete+Round::latin','PT+Sans+Narrow:700:latin']}}); Legacy Cattle Company sells premium, grade F2, USDA inspected American Wagyu beef. For more information and inquiries, call 615-522-7555 or email info@tnwagyu.com. Uncured Bacon. The more time I spend around cattle, the more I appreciate the wide range of body types. Our American Wagyu is known for its distinct marbling, unsaturated fat, low cholesterol, buttery tenderness and juicy characteristic. Buy Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef imported directly from Japan.

Our cuts have been USDA inspected & approved. The Wagyu cattle captured Tom Moon’s fancy as well, which is saying something from a man whose career path might be the only thing more curious and exotic than the cattle he raises on his farm in Williamson County. That’s where cattle are packed in and often stand knee-deep in their own waste while they are rapidly fattened on a feed that includes chemical growth enhancers and injudicious antibiotics. Then, he gets a good sear on a grill that’s as hot as he can get it, and he never cooks it over medium rare. 1/8 tsp freshly ground black pepper. Ground Sausage: Mild or Hot – Avg. 4oz.

Superior Genetics. Each developmental stage requires a feed with different protein and nutrients. 1 lb.

Others, like the heat-tolerant zebu, have giant neck humps, and there’s the old standard Angus, which produces most of the beef we eat in finer restaurants. CONTACT US. Ground Sausage Patties: Mild or Hot. The breed produces fatty pockets that are much higher in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, something that Moon says has scientists looking to understand the mechanics of Wagyu genetics.

They are slower growing.

Rarely had we ever seen steaks so well marbled, with beautiful fields of pink studded with white pillows of fatty flavor. Best Restaurants Nashville The best restaurants in Nashville have a few things in common; Music Flavorful Food Hospitality The Fun Factor Here is …, How to Create a Steak-ation If you’re going to create a stay-cation atmosphere for your home, be sure to include the steak-ation elemen …, Wagyu Health Benefits Many people need a healthy beef source for heart health. Wagyu Semen allows for this easily and without harming any animals in the process.

For home cooks, Urban Grub Chef Edgar Pendley recommends letting a good steak rest at room temperature for an hour to an hour and a half before cooking. Convenient vacuum packaging . It’s an expensive game, and Moon admits he uses his real estate acumen to feed his ranching habit. That started with a flood of faux Kobe beef on restaurant menus. Nothing more than salt and pepper. Packs. View All. Wagyu Beef is high in fat, yes, but it’s a different type of fat than that of the normal beef. 1/4 tsp himalayan pink salt.

For seasoning? Reach Jim Myers at 615-259-8367 and on Twitter @ReadJimMyers. 615-504-9784 . Bacon . Getting it right, though, can take years of playing both geneticist and dietician to develop a consistent stock and end result. Our American Wagyu is known for its distinct marbling, unsaturated fat, low cholesterol, buttery tenderness and juicy characteristic.

“It’s a wonderful product. If you love eating red meat but aren’t sure what you can …. 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil.

Our American Wagyu beef is known for its distinct marbling, unsaturated fat, lower cholesterol, buttery tenderness and juicy characteristic. © 2020 www.tennessean.com. Email: contact@rainesfarm.com. That becomes even more critical as Japan has restricted the release of Wagyu semen and embryos, limiting the genetic pool to what is already in the United States. 1 free range egg yolk. Wagyu tenderloin finely chopped. Moon sells to a small number of outlets because of the wholesale cost.

Moon, though, seems content with his organic growth, his time-consuming herd development, and trying to produce what he thinks to be the best beef in the state. I didn't know steak could taste this good. Impeccable Taste. Organic feed . Additional Information: Home-raised, American Wagyu. Rayville, LA 71269 . Moon, though, sees his farm as the ultimate limit in size, and knows that getting the farm to a financially stable and sustainable level is the ultimate goal. Wagyu Legacy © All Rights Reserved - 2020 - Marketing Agency Services by BrandSpire. Wagyu Embryo For Sale in Tennessee.

We offer free range, organically fed, hormone free American Wagyu beef. It’s the unfortunate trade-off for making sure the animals’ diet is controlled and timely.

Feed protocols, developed to enhance the natural marbling, can’t be rushed.

Once the meat is at 105, he takes it out and finishes the outside on the grill. A great steak remains at the top of the protein chain for most meat-loving Americans. It has a higher content of good fat, so crossbreeding does have it’s benefits for sure. Our cattle are raised and free-range on a ranch in Williamson County, Tennessee.

This is the best steak I've ever had! Compared to a standard feed lot cow, which is generally harvested at 15 months, a 26- to 30-month Wagyu steer seems like an eternity. Rarely had we ever seen steaks so well marbled, with beautiful fields of pink studded with white pillows of fatty flavor. Keto Bacon. 1tbs cognac. Wagyu joined our culinary consciousness as prized Kobe beef from Japan. Wagyu & Kobe Beef. Urban Grub chef Edgar Pendley, a sourcing fanatic when it comes to ingredients, is a fan of Moon’s Wagyu. Bulk Beef — One-quarter. 1/4 tsp dijon mustard. View All. In his restaurant, it’s another thing.