The foundation for the liquidity in the marketplace and the efficiency of pricing is largely credited to active players in the coin dealer network. Once you have locked in your sale, you will receive an email with our mailing instructions. SD Bullion (aka Silver Doctors) is an online dealer of precious metals which was founded in 2012 by the Silver Doctors network ( At Monex, you won’t talk to an automated machine that asks for your personal information. Precious metals hold their value over time, but their worth is sensitive to global financial markets. Over the past three years, APMEX has had fifty-one Better Business Bureau complaints, which isn’t too bad considering the size of the company and the number of transactions it has made in that time. Provident sells U.S. and foreign coins, wholesale bullion products, and IRA bullion products. Although they were issued by the Mexican Mint, they did not bear a currency value so they are not technically legal tender coins. Both Philadelphia and Denver coins trade at the same level. APMEX also offers financial-planning services. Modern silver bullion coins are typically made of .999 fine silver bullion. Interest of collectors is the base to coin values. Don't See Your Items On Our Site? Enter in the calculator the current price of silver and face amount of your silver coins. Please call our toll-free number below for current prices on nearly any precious metal product. Orders from $0 to $299 ship for $5.95; orders from $300 to $999 ship for $8.95; orders from $1,000 to $2,999 ship for $12.95. BGASC is a Trusted Dealer BBB Accredited Rated A+ Collecting sets of silver coins places demands on older series raising their values above underlying metal values. Minted 1948 to 1963 a complete series of silver coins. In general, the older your coin the more likely you find higher value. Match your coin to the images and inspect closely before selling these silver coins. For silver bullion coins, new sources come from government mints and their supply chain, while in numismatics, major supply can come from significant numismatic coin industry re-packaging suppliers or a significant collector's mass liquidation. All shipments from BGASC are packaged securely, discreetly and insured. Overall, silver Roosevelt dimes with wear to the surface are worth silver content. Second major factor is condition. US Mint. APMEX has great service. It is an excellent index with images and text links to all coin series, from Cents to Gold. Both are suitable to sell silver coins. SD Bullion offers numerous silver buying options based on your investing strategy including the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple, Austrian Silver Philharmonic, Chinese Silver Pandas, Silver Shield Collection, and 90% Constitutional Coins (Junk Silver). As of March 5, 2012, APMEX was selling 2012 Gold Eagles at $1,787.59 – $81.59, or 4.8% above spot. It sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. This was four years prior to the U. S. Mint introducing their American Silver Eagle Coins, which offered the same .999 fine investment grade purity as an alternative to the 90% junk silver coin bags. Typically, investors are interested in silver for its potential to appreciate, and some times rapidly. Silver is a commodity, whose price fluctuates quite freely in a significant and extremely liquid global marketplace. Gold-Silver is also not just simply an online bullion site, but an investment company that invests in gold and silver right alongside its customers. A "D" mintmark on the reverse identifies the Denver coin. The level between is quite varied and the buying, selling, acquiring and liquidating is quite free and global due to the vast liquidity in both numismatic and bullion coin marketplace. The United States Mint, like other world mints, does not sell its bullion coins directly to the public. Fees start at $50 per month, but go up based on account value. Now, any silver coinage from any country worth its melt value is broadly referred to as junk silver. Order online or by phone to take physical delivery of Gold and Silver Bullion including United States Mint American Silver Eagles, Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, as well as Gold Bars, Silver Bars, Silver Rounds, and Copper Rounds. Investors of bullion coins and collectors of numismatic silver coins … Now your coins are separated into two distinct groups. also has some of the lowest rates around for shipping, which is always insured. In addition to bullion, it sells Pre-1993 U.S. gold coins, silver coins, jewelry, “elite” $2,500+ coins, and old bank notes. Early years 1932 to the mid 1940 in lightly circulated condition are developing premiums. SD Bullion debuted in March of 2012 as a service to our readers with the goal of providing the lowest cost bullion available. Attempts to sell counterfeit products will be reported to federal and local authorities. Here, Westminster’s prices look better, as it is selling 2012 Silver Maple Leafs for $0.28 less than APMEX. With one of the cleanest shopping experiences, JM Bullion showcases the basic silver bullion coins needed for most all bullion investors. The firm is consistent with its low prices, and has an excellent reputation for reliability. Since the depository is based in Delaware, there are numerous tax advantages. APMEX believes everyone should keep a minimum of 10-20% of their assets in precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. All silver bullion coins from Monex come from the most reliable sources in the industry, and they are all produced and issued by the most respected government mints. In fact, the Royal Canadian Mint has authorized Monex as one of its Bullion DNA dealers to verify the authenticity of gold Maple Leaf coins and silver Maple Leaf coins in just seconds using a laser-marking and precision radial line technology verification system. Pricing indications are subject to change due to market fluctuations. He believes as we do here at Silver Monthly, that investors should buy precious metals at or near the spot price of the metal. The important consideration is to identify your Kennedy half as year 1964. This, APMEX says, serves as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. View Popular Product Buyback Prices Below, or Browse Our Website for More Buyback Product Prices. Any products deemed inauthentic will be destroyed. The Better Business Bureau backs this up, giving Provident an A- rating. APMEX makes two-way markets in all products it sells, and is available to buy Monday through Friday, from 7:00am to 5:00pm, central time. An online website purchasing option was added in the later part of 2012 and SD Bullion has continued to gain industry market share to where we stand today as one of the premier, low-cost online bullion establishments in the country.