} Ever so gradually, Ashley began to become accustomed to the diamond she’d been given. “You were no more worthy of it yesterday than today, child. He longed for something—anything—exciting to happen. Feel free to share these pages with friends. Now, instead of having too much to do, the boys seemed to have the opposite problem. width:100%; I tried a few months back to give up this life, remember? } @media screen and ( max-width: 400px ) { She felt certain that her father would no longer love her. They had more things to do than they could ever hope to finish. To her horror, she noticed that she had hit her father’s favorite picture when she fell! The more he sat there, the more confident he became that his father would give him just what he needed in each season of life. Find Christian short stories to share with your kids. Why should she have to miss out on all the fun?When a snowball exploded just outside her window, Rebecca decided she couldn’t stand it any longer. She couldn’t imagine life without his love. “Why not, Father?” Rebecca had asked. Don’t let them wander to the circumstances or people around you. Maybe she should go see her father…yes, she must go see him, for if she didn’t, she’d never be able to rest. #fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox { #fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_name_field_wrapper { This hard work must be just what we need. Saddened at her folly, Ashley slowly walked upstairs and knocked on her father’s study. Subscribe to our biblical math blog and get a free video on transforming math. width:100%; } @media screen and ( max-width: 100% ) { It was true: the sun was shining brilliantly. width:100%; Although sometimes your actions will result in consequences you could have avoided, nothing can ever separate you from my love. I have forgotten to gaze upon the diamond my father gave me! She would much rather go on complaining, even while ignoring the solution to her complaints. width:100%; Recent Short Stories. The first time Michael actually had the opportunity to march, he lifted his knees up nearly to his chest each step in an effort to look like a good marcher. And the very first day I was back on the streets! #fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox { width:100%; She simply had to go join the others!Leaving her book on the table, Rebecca slipped outside. I watched you go outside. That’s why I told you not to go outside to play. width:100%; She kept looking this way and that, fearful least her father see her.After a few hours, Rebecca finally said her goodbyes and headed back towards the house. width:100%; width:100%; “I took the day off to spend some special time with you. She spent hours gazing upon it, then went and told everyone she knew about her father’s marvelous love. @media screen and ( max-width: 400px ) { “I know, Rebecca—more than you think. No, she felt certain that all those wonderful times were over. “He loves us so perfectly. #fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_email_field_wrapper { “The key to marching is to stay focused and to listen for my commands constantly,” the general explained. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.fca_eoi_form{ margin: auto; } .fca_eoi_form p { width: auto; } #fca_eoi_form_5797 input{ max-width: 9999px; }#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_name_field_wrapper {display: none !important;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element::-webkit-input-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element::-moz-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element:-ms-input-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element:-moz-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_submit_button_wrapper:hover, #fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_submit_button_wrapper input:hover {background-color:#873600 !important;} Now won’t you come and let me help you with those bruises?”, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? And Scott, loosen up your arms and let them swing a little more natural and—”, Only after walking several paces in front of the rest of the troop did Michael finally hear the command. But I’m afraid that would not be true. “You can’t play in the snow today.”. Love and cherish it, and keep it ever in your thoughts.”. } } “I can’t change, Father,” Deborah argued. For a brief moment, Eric felt tempted to complain about the cold too. Would he ever learn? } } #fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_email_field_wrapper { } He had allowed the thought of what others would think to distract him from really doing his job. name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God the Book 1 – Additional Resources and Corrections, Book 2 – Additional Resources and Corrections. “But I don’t want to change,” Deborah repeated for what must have been the fifteenth time that afternoon. Subscribe to our short story list--you'll get a free eBook of short stories too! #fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_submit_button_wrapper { width:400px; Christian Stories. 50 words tell the main stories of the Bible. @media screen and ( max-width: 100% ) { width:100%; I’m a sinner saved by grace through Jesus Christ. I just can’t help it!”. Her heart felt overwhelmed once again by the incredible gift that her father had given her. } Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” Romans 8:35-37 .fca_eoi_form{ margin: auto; } .fca_eoi_form p { width: auto; } #fca_eoi_form_5797 input{ max-width: 9999px; }#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_name_field_wrapper {display: none !important;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element::-webkit-input-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element::-moz-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element:-ms-input-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element:-moz-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_submit_button_wrapper:hover, #fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_submit_button_wrapper input:hover {background-color:#873600 !important;} Won’t you come now?”, Rebecca could hardly believe her ears. “All right, I guess I’ll go. Who knows how long she would have lain thus had not her nanny come in to check on her. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1.fca_eoi_form{ margin: auto; } .fca_eoi_form p { width: auto; } #fca_eoi_form_5797 input{ max-width: 9999px; }#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_name_field_wrapper {display: none !important;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element::-webkit-input-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element::-moz-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element:-ms-input-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_form_input_element:-moz-placeholder {opacity:0.6;color:#595252;}#fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_submit_button_wrapper:hover, #fca_eoi_form_5797 .fca_eoi_layout_19.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_submit_button_wrapper input:hover {background-color:#873600 !important;} } Do you doubt his word? } How could he complain when his father was with them? Oh, what foolishness! How could he still love her? } Christian moral short stories are a great way to make Christian values accessible to children of all ages.Stories have a way of sticking with people, and they activate the brain in a very different way than a list of facts does. Biting her lips to keep from crying out, Rebecca grabbed the ruined picture and hobbled to her room. width:100%; } He would probably never want to speak to her again. I’m also a writer—I’ve been writing ever since I could hold a pen. “I’m too set in my ways. } Your father loves you because you’re his daughter, not because of anything you do or don’t do. Deborah made no reply. Life could get very miserable out on the streets. Calling God: A short prayer in the form of a poem expresses the need for God in … But not this time. “Rebecca, dear,” she said firmly, but gently. In this section, I have placed a compilation of Inspirational Stories (most with a Christian message) for you to read.