He blended with the crowd to avoid detection and killed a Captain in a private room before killing a soldier in the courtyard in an air assassination. Shay took out several snipers that were overlooking the passage, clearing the way for the British to advance. But instead, he left Team Free Humanity and joined Team Enslave Humanity.

Liam told Shay that he was meeting with smugglers, but the reason was secret. Shay stopped an Assassin boarding of his ship despite his near-total loss of his crew, and he took the 3 Assassin prisoners as his own crew members.

He met with Liam and Hope near a watchtower, and he was told that George Washington fired on French troops under Jumonville. After Shay had a falling out with the assassins, he could have done a myriad of things such as 1) seek support from other assassins, overthrow Achilles and start anew 2) become a lawful neutral party and assassinate all evil-doers (either assassin or templar) or 3) (insert one out of a million other morally-nuanced decisions he could make). a templomos rend tagja volt.

Press J to jump to the feed. He used its resources of Eastern Elk hide to craft some pistol holders, and he was told that Achilles had one more thing to show him.

It felt like they were flirting with each other. He could have handled things better until he figured things out.

He then saw Adewale tell Achilles that his supplies would help the Haitian people, and Shay was introduced to Adewale.

Some time later after saving Gist, Gist says Monro has work for them. He's a man of honor as he didn't like kicking people who was already down, like Washington who was a dead man walking, time would have killed him and Waldrop who couldn't even stand properly out if fear. He found Hope and pursued her out of her mansion, and she attempted to escape while throwing poison bombs. , who was the owner of the Precursor Box. He found the chart, but found out that Liam was already headed north. I cannot but I like the guy. So Shay says it sounds like he has a good will to those he govern. His training was assigned to Liam and his fellow recruits Hope Jensen, Chevalier de la Verendrye, and Kesegowaase. Cormac headed to the River Valley aboard Morrigan and arrived at Marais Rocheux, where he met Jack Weeks. In 1776, Shay travelled to the Kingdom of France's capital of Paris, where he searched for the Box.

Heart attack His story would be way different if, as a GROWN person, he talked to people, instead of exploding in front of them. While Hope convinced Franklin that the army confiscated the rods to use their metal in war, Shay headed to the market to find the British soldiers. Shay Cormac (1731-1803) was a member of the Assassin Order from 1748 to 1756 who later joined the Templar Order and hunted down his former comrades. In December 1776, Shay and Franklin entered the palace, and Shay bid Franklin goodbye.

While he talked with them, he was greeted by William Johnson and fellow Templar Jack Weeks, who introduced himself and told him that he was pleased to meet him.

He then set out from the fort on board his ship after gathering some more provisions, and met the other Templars at Vieille Carriere after seizing French brig Fleur de Lys off Or-du-Nord, Canada and passing by some cannon fire from Fort Blanc.

Liam sarcastically said that he hoped the world he saved was a good one, before dying. He found out that the gang leader Darrin Hilger lived in a gang headquarters that could be easily identified by the black smoke coming from it, and Shay headed over to the headquarters. Cormac improved the broadside cannons using some of his metal, and he also improved his hull so that it was stronger. Cook informed the Templars that a Royal Navy fleet was en route to Lousbiourg, but the French planned a preemptive strike to prevent the British from taking the turning point of the war. Shay Patrick Cormac: Show me how you dress, and I'll tell you… what mysteries you may bring to AC Shay, from the information released by Ubisoft, was born in New York from Irish parents, and indeed his spoken language isn’t 100% Irish, but a mix with English and American, perfectly in line with his birth place and background. Shay thinks Colonel Monro is an intriguing man, and that he seems honorable. He's nothing but a naive child throwing anger and accusations against the wrong people.

Was there suppose to be any romantic interest between Shay and Hope? Lawrence told George to get some wine for the guests, and Lawrence talked with a few friends. https://historica.fandom.com/wiki/Shay_Cormac?oldid=219762.

Shay proceeded to cut down the gang's flag and threw it into a fire, and he took over the Warehouse Gang's headquarters as the Templar HQ. He should have talked with them first instead of killing them. Having seen Shay begin his work on renovating the city, Monro bid him farewell and left Shay to continue his work. In December 1776, Shay and Franklin entered the palace, and Shay bid Franklin goodbye.

Franklin asked if he could repay Shay for the kindness, and Shay told him that he could by trying to arrange a "business meeting" with somebody in the Versailles Palace - Charles Dorian, who was the owner of the Precursor Box. They needed to learn a hard lesson.

Shay told his former friends that he could not let another earthquake happen, and the Chevalier shot him.

When Shay disrespectfully referred to the Chevalier as "Captain" when he said that he was busy and could not rescue the smugglers with him, the Chevalier hit him in the face.

Monroe being the honorable and honest guy he is says he don't blame Shay for saying that and says he works differently than most. Gist also admits they avoided the topic because they know the lies the Assassins usually tells regardless of what kind of Templar they are and not long after that Shay choose joins the Colonial Rite. The ship was salvaged and used to repair the Morrigan, and Liam advised Shay to head to a harbormaster in Perce to make the ship stronger. Image size. Before the assassins left, Le Chasseur gifted them with Puckle guns for the Morrigan. The two fought until Liam broke up the fight, and all of them headed to rescue the smugglers from the British.

The Assassins set out on the newly-acquired "Morrigan and "Le Gerfaut" and arrived in March 1752. He gained 3 crew members along with lots of other resources, and replenished his crew.

And Monro says perhaps actions will prove it. Why you may ask?

He snuck past the guards, although a falling ice chunk destroyed an ice bridge that Haytham and Shay were walking on, so they had to split up.

The battle was called an act of war, and the Congress of Albany was called to discuss the French and Indian threat.

Shay was ambushed again shortly after, but Hilger escaped again, using smoke boms. He headed to the Albany Gang headquarters, where he rescued a British officer, cut down the flag, and used a shrapnel grenade to kill the gang leader.

Chevalier taunted Shay, saying that Hope said that he did make a good distraction. Shay lamented on how if there was an earthquake, there would be few to suffer, as they were on a remote and frozen island. Assassin (former)Templar Monro told him that he left the Precursor Box in his hands, as there was nobody he trusted more - he was to go to the ill-defended Fort William Henry, which was surrounded by the French and Indians. The two set sail aboard the Morrigan and in April 1752 reached the city of Halifax in Nova Scotia, French Canada.

Shay asked him to have a word, and he told him that he was looking for Louis-Joseph Gauthier, Chevalier de la Verendrye. Mere survival isn't not enough. While sailing out, Liam told Shay that Achilles tasked him to task Shay with following a lead on the Voynich manuscript. After killing two lookouts, he entered the war room and found Le Chasseur, who was on a special mission from Achilles.

Irish-American Assassin Order (formerly)Templar Order He then took on French frigate Aurore off Grose Morne, Newfoundland, and killed the 15 crew and 2 scouts before hauling her in. He unlocked the temple after turning four keystones, and he found the artifact in the tunnel that opened up to him.

[Assassin's Creed RP] #Leprechaun

In January 1752, he camped on Port Menier on the island of Anticosti with Verendrye, Hope, Kesegowaase, and Liam, and trained there by attempting to attack Liam from above after a chase. Shay returned to the Morrigan, only to see Haytham fighting Achilles.

Jack Weeks advised them to pretend to be Hope's men and carry out a huge crime so that the British authorities could not ignore the gangs. Franklin was working on weapons to spread poison gas amongst the people of New York, and Monro told Shay that their leader was a fearsome woman.

In 1760, Shay fastly travelled to St. John's in Newfoundland before heading a short distance north, and he upgraded his ship before meeting with Captain Cook on HMS Pembroke. He's a great and conflicted person, who does what he thinks is best in the grander scheme as opposed to the Assassins who seem a bit naive and mistrustful of Shay even though he's only doing what he was asked by them in the first place.

He seemed very real to me. Smith attempted to flee, and four British warships ambushed Shay as he chased Smith. He also heard that Vendredi, a Maroon fighter and a member of the Assassins, was missing. However, their path was blocked by 5 Royal Navy warships of Great Britain that sunk a few fishing boats that strayed into their territorial waters, and Shay decided to sink every last one of the ships to avenge the civilians that were killed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He shot him in the head with a pistol from afar, and when Shay apologized to Adewale, Adewale told him that hell welcomed traitors like him.

Franklin said that he had to return to his family, and Franklin headed into his house to make sure that his family was safe after Shay killed three Assassins trying to kill Franklin. Shay needed the manuscript to make it work, and he fled the scene.

It starts with Monroe saying the gangs are sponsored by the Assassins who want to undermine the authority. Adewale told Shay that he was a monster, and Shay pushed him to the ground, letting him die.