However, if you barely open it to begin with, then this is definitely a non-issue for you. + Utilizes Razer mechanical switches On the plus side, it has gained the ability to swap the art so if you want something different than the blue triple-headed snake art, you can change that now. Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2019. The Panthera Evo has a Sanwa joystick with a balltop and eight mechanical buttons in the popular Vewlix layout. This was designed so users can comfortably rest their wrists on it, and it is certainly a smart decision on Razer’s end. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Occasionally, I get sloppy and don’t hit the buttons right in the center. The layout of all of the buttons makes sense, and though it may seem like a weird thing to be happy about, I’m glad the L3/R3 buttons are on top of the stick, not off on the side like my QANBA. More affordable, noticeably lighter, and having benefits over the original Panthera, the Razer Panthera Evo is a great arcade stick for fight stick newbies and professionals. For those who have the original Panthera, the Evo’s lighter and takes up more room on the legs. Appearance. The rear compartment could stand to lock shut though, as the cable doesn’t always fit all the way, sometimes keeping the door slightly ajar. The Razer Panthera Evo is a great arcade stick (for those who play on stick) and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the ability to get it. I simply jumped into Steam’s controller settings and checked the PlayStation Configuration Support. The best news source for online games and the premier Multiplayer, MMORPG, and MOBA directory of the web. The loss of the quick opening hatch isn’t necessarily a bad thing and is subjective. Copyright © 2015 Pokde.Net, All Rights Reserved. 9.8 ft USB cable You have the PS4 touchpad, the PS button, L3 and R3 buttons, mute button with an LED glow, volume button, a switch to lock the start and pause button, a switch to denote whether you’re using the Dpad, left analog stick, or right analog stick, Sanwa stick, and a total of eight main buttons utilizing the Razer mechanical switches on the top here in Viewlix layout. I just happened to grow up playing fighting games in arcades, so there are games I prefer to play on a stick. This page works best with JavaScript. Use the controller style that fits you. PS4/PC compatible Removing it will reveal a screw, which can be used to tighten or remove the top of the joystick. But, after a bit of getting used to, it’s easy enough to look past. But for travel/packing/carrying purposes, that’s a delight for me. With this, you will have to unscrew everything and remove the acrylic panel in order to open it up. And, the Panther Evo’s buttons have what seems to be a quality-control issue. Next on the deck is Mortal Kombat 11, for a nice time with Spawn. I know a fair amount of players who prefer an Octagonal Gate. Just like the previous Panthera, there are two switches here as well; one to dictate the joystick’s functions (Dpad, left analog stick, and right analog stick) as well as one to lock the Option and Share / Start and Select buttons. I'll try and keep this short, but I have a lot to say. However, it does have some drawbacks as well such as the loss of the quick opening hatch, cable no longer able to be freely replaced, and it only comes with a balltop. The most major difference would be on the buttons and the joystick, now with more space to rest your palm, increased slant and with an indent for your wrist. The Razer Panthera Evo arcade stick is meant for the PlayStation 4. For those who have the original Panthera, the Evo’s lighter and takes up more room on the legs. I was going to swap out the razer microswitch buttons with Sanwa buttons, but I may stick with these buttons for a little longer. Sure, get ready to spend an hour delicately removing 45,000 screws and pray you don’t break this fragile princess. With that being said, I award the Razer Panthera Evo arcade stick with our Gold Pokdeward, WhatsApp Accidentally Confirms New Feature with Forwarded Messages. You will receive a verification email shortly. The build quality is great and it just looks nice. Razer Panthera EVO Arcade Stick Review (Hardware Review), 10 PUBG MOBILE Tips & Tricks You Need to Know, Real Madrid's victory predicted by a United Eleven simulation, Dungeons and Dragons Online launches Update 13, FreeStyle Street Basketball adds eight new tracks, Heir of Light Celebrates Their First Anniversary With a Special Event. Even the audio pass-through was hassle free, with Windows immediately detecting the sound Panthera Evo as a sound device. I didn’t notice any input lag. The stick was great and felt amazing! If you’re going to play online and train with your friends, it couldn’t hurt to be able to talk to them. The Razer Action Buttons featured in the Razer Panthera Evo utilizes 8 pushbuttons with the same Razer™ Mechanical Switches found in Razer’s most renowned gaming keyboards, fine-tuned for shorter actuation points. Just like its predecessor, the Razer Panthera Evo arcade stick can still be fully modded. Some thought was also put into it to make it more comfortable to use and while it has lost some things from its predecessor, it has gained something else that fans have been asking Razer for a while now, which is the ability to change the artwork. Personally, I am a fan of this over the removable cable on the previous Panthera as it is actually more convenient to store the cable. Modders may want to change out the components to their favorite sticks or buttons, especially given the sticking issue. Some of you may point out that removable cables will make it easier to maintain but herein lies a problem; Razer doesn’t sell the cable for the Panthera officially, and finding a replacement can be tricky. I’ve owned a few in my day, and personally, I miss Mad Catz and their arcade sticks, but since that was their main focus, they were doomed to failure. It’s probably just something to gradually get comfortable with. These will help you to choose the best pick, so scroll down and explore. Not even a full two months have passed and this stick is in my garbage and I have a Mad Catz on the way. However, the part I do care about, replacing the artwork is incredibly easy. Enter Razer! Though you do need tools to get into the bottom of the stick and replace buttons, switches and the like, I do appreciate the color-coding on the bottom of the stick proper, so you know what is supposed to go where should you get confused. The stick itself was great, however, I noticed the plexiglass was scratched around all of the top buttons so I returned it and ordered another to replace it. PC Gamer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. On the back of the Panthera Evo, there’s a compartment that conveniently stores the 9.8-foot USB cable. It generally has the same boxy arcade stick look, similar to its predecessor, but it does seem to be bigger than its predecessor at first glance when in truth, it is essentially the same size. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I missed out on the original Panthera stick, but Razer recently sent me the Panthera EVO stick to review. The addition of the headphone jack is a blessing, and certainly makes it more viable for eSports players. There will be a bunch of things you need to unscrew first, and then removing the acrylic panel, before you can see the internals. It takes removing seven screws just to remove the front plate and change out the artwork. The only difference here is that opening it up requires more effort. Good for switching art, but that is about it, Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2019. PokdeLIVE 79 — iPhone 12 Series Discussion! Those minor complaints aside, it feels good, it’s responsive, and I do recommend it for the casual and eager player alike who are considering an arcade stick. Sure, you can use the other USB port on your Playstation, but that might be taken up. The right side of the fightstick has the Share and Options buttons as well as a 3.5mm headset jack. Razer Panthera Evo – review. What’s important is: is it satisfying to play with? At $199 (£159.99), it’s sitting high in the premium price point, while the old Panthera has seen its price reduced. You can just hook it up and it should be all ready to go! With that removed, it takes another nine screws to open up the chassis. Tournament mode deactivates start and back buttons. Amazon, The Amazon Logo, Amazonsupply, And The Amazonsupply Logo Are Trademarks Of Amazon.Com, Inc. Or It’s Affiliates. Razer Panthera Evo Review: Fully Mod-Capable The Razer panthera evo arcade stick is a fabulous and unique stick to the Razer. It’s faster than its predecessor, just to sway you further into getting this. I've noticed an easier time pulling off moves in Injustice 2 and SFV and everything feels effortless thanks to the buttons. I will say though, while it’s not what I prefer to use for every fighting game (I’d rather use a pad for DBFZ, for example), it feels comfortable, it doesn’t take up as much space as my QANBA, it’s responsive, and it’s definitely worth it. If I were big on getting on the inside of my stick, I’d probably be frustrated at the seven screws you have to unseat in order to customize it, but I’m happy with the buttons and gate that it features already. For the sides, the right side is where the Options and Share buttons are located, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is used to connect your headset when in use on the PS4.