I’ve solved all the problems.again thank you very much i really appreciate . i mean, i would like it to be green instead of red, how could be it done? If I then select the third month using A1, I am taken to June instead of March. HI HALLO, IS IT POSSIBLE TO INSERT AN EXTRA COLUMN FOR STARTING DATE OF EMPLOYER MY LEAVE GOES FROM STARTING DATE TO ONE YEAR AFTER THAT. I have added additional “leave codes”. I’ll be more than happy to share the current sheet I’m using. Here's an employee leave system that we already created... have a look and see if it does what you're looking for: © Copyright from 2003 ExcelExperts.com No content can be replicated without permission from ExcelExperts.com. I need a small change would you be able to show the leaves separately. Hello Sumit, First, I would like to say that the leave tracker which you have made is superb and very easy to use! For example, 2 half leaves would lead to 1 leave count, but you’ll see two half leaves in the leave breakup. How can I insert an addition column without affecting the formula? for easy access. Annual Leave Calculator Excel Format In any case, some of the companies need to pay their staff members on a daily or weekly basis. I’d like to add information for each employees without having to scroll all the way to the right of the spreadsheet. I just wanted know from you how to add shift details. Can you assist me in this !!!! Thanks Sumit. I copied the tab and changed the arrow macros to ActiveSheet which worked but the month stays as ‘January 2020’ in the text box. Thanks for sharing however the issue with tracker is that if you fill in one of the cell for any leave type, then the cell remains filled even if you change the month. Here is the direct download link – https://www.dropbox.com/s/8tv8rgeyrna70pg/Excel-Leave-Tracker-2016-TrumpExcel_v3.xlsm?dl=0. Hi, love this, is there a way to track the sick days annually? This is a very awesome Leave Tracker, Thank you so much! Hello! Hello Reenu.. You can download the file from the link below. This template is very useful and serves a very god purpose. hello… liked the tool. The Datedif function is 'hidden' in Excel - it is never mentioned in Microsoft documents. Thanks for the tracker. hi sumit, the leave tracker is great, however i would like to gray out fri and sat as the weekends as these are the weekends in UAE. 2). Would be happy to pay for a 2021 template if that is an option. Thank you very much for sharing this you have just saved me hours of creating my own version i am truly grateful. Did you find out how to make all leave types count as full days? Also, it would be great to test the number of days leave taken against the maximum allowed (for example; a maximum of 10 day’s annual leave per year; or 30 day’s sick leave per three year cycle). Use content at your own risk, Excel Consultancy, VBA Consultancy, Training and Tips Call:+442081234832. Hi, I have just downloaded this template. hi, since we have different week offs for employees how can i mark week ends for each employee seperately? Any chance to have a 2021 version too? To enter the leave record for employees, use the relevant codes based on the leave type. Hello.. If an employee gets 22 days holiday, I do not want the formula deducting leave when they work from home as this template seems to do that? Do you have a suggestion on how to enter actual times instead of using codes? Would like to be able to see what they have used and how much is available. i tried and all i can print is one month, the rest months does not appear to be able to be printed. Hi Patrick! Thanks for commenting Sandy. Is there any way we can configure the working days for each employee? hi sumit i like your template very much but how can i change the calendar i mean i need to use Ethiopian calendar we have 13 months each contains 30 days except the last one which contains 5 days and the year is 2008 can you help me please? Thanks, Was wondering if there is a way to enter a code for unpaid leave days that would allow for there to still be a count of paid leave days used/left. Hi, in the our office set up, people instead of getting paid double for working on holidays, they earn an extra VL that they can use for some other day. So, I have to do this for each month? My colleagues may run 1st June – 31st May. Hello Liza… Try this formula: =Total Leaves-SUM(NL8:NO8)-0.5*NP8 (in cell NQ8 and copy for all the cells in NQ column). You can make the scroll bar vertical. I download the sheet and start working, but i move to the next month all the leave history in the previous month are shown, and pop macro may not be available in the w.b or all macros may be disabled. please help, Thank you so much ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1929dd3a6c1ffec104313a6a44e7d23172692086e11dbb6ce0de8a5abaaab8a.png, Hi Paul, can you share this spreadsheet you made? Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. If employee status (Column E) is confirmed, then employee will get PL - 15 days, CL - 8 days and sick leaves - 7 days. Thanks for this excellent stuff…really helped me a lot. Time that an employee is not scheduled to report for work may not be counted as FMLA leave. How do i indicate in the excel sheet? Hi, I am in need of an excel sheet which can record attendance with exact time of login and log out automatically. Is there a way to duplicate the worksheet so I can have four categories of staff on different worksheets in the one workbook? I need a favour from you regarding a Tracker you updated for Attendance (http://trumpexcel.com/2015/03/…. Hi can i add working on Saturday and my employee will get time in lieu for this. I tried to do that but it’s adding up to the leave total. How would that be done? I’m trying to tweak it some to add additional tracking capability. In other words, is there any way to have a sheet which was started in May of 2016 have data through December of 2018 or longer? Just curious if there is a way I can add these functions. I hope this helps, let me know if I can help any more, good luck, Patrick. A1 is not to be used to change the months. we have limited leaves at work and no overtime pay but we have “offsets” which are excess work hours that we can use in place of leaves at certain cases. Is there a way where I could have an additional code to sum the total number of lets say “Sick Leave” for Employee 1 and etc? great spreadsheet by the way! now you can record half day leaves as well, Your Excel file is gorgeous. Thanks. I then changed the value in A2 to read ‘2014’. Hi Sumit, I am not sure where my last post went but we actually need 3 1/2 day options and to increase the Leave tracker to 6 categories rather than 5. if employee status is probation then PL,CL and SL is 0 days. Hello I did change the date and edit the holidays but is does not change the leaves per year column. For some reason, any change I make to a formula results in a #VALUE error and not sure why. thanks in advance. Please advise ASAP, Can I change colours of a code. Hello Ramya.. can you make one for shift workers, 7 working days and 2 off then 7 working days and 2 off then 7 working days and 3 off, Hi Sumit, I love your template thank you!! Once you click on it, the tracker should work. I am trying to insert a formula but it is counting as a day away. Is there perhaps a video on how to start it from scratch? Was simple to use but will know more once folks start to use it. It will be very useful. Also what can I do if the time frame of employees allowed vacation are not the same ?? Now I tell you a formula to quickly calculate the annual leave in Excel. Great tool!! seyibabatunde01@gmail.com, Hi Sumit, I need to change the value of the Casual leave to be 0.5 instead of 1. when i add one column, the date one number will be removed, and so on. how can i change on of the h2 to count as a quarter day holiday? I am using Microsoft Excel 2016. I just inserted some columns at the end and added in the formulas.