Your email address will not be published. Hi Sam, I’m pretty much loving that blanket too. Do let me know if you have further questions…I’d be glad to help. I encourage you to try knitting. Hi, Love the blanket. Look For Super Bulky or Super Chunky Yarns to Knit a Big, Chunky Blanket or Throw. I can’t knit, but I can crochet and use to make Afghans but it sure took a lot longer then a day. amzn_assoc_region="US";
And, if you want to be ‘in the knit know’ and you’d like to be notified of the publication of any knit or crochet pattern before the rest of the world, you can do that here. Thanks! Hello, dear crocheters and knitters! I’ve tried to crochet a little bit, but my hands cramped up :/. Julie in San Diego. Thanks for letting me and all the other readers know. I know that whoever receives your gift will be thrilled! You did a great job. It`s super easy to make because it uses only knits and purls and you will surely love how squishy and warm it is. Wishing you a happy Sunday snuggling with your pups. Just beautiful. More info here. Now, if you’d rather just have a lovely chunky knit blanket or chunky knit throw show up at your door and skip the knitting, here is an alternative: If you like working with bulky yarns, check out this pattern for a chunky knit Christmas stocking for the holidays. Once you have those basics down, jump in on this blanket. Hi Megan, Yes, it is a long tail cast on. You are so welcome Nikki…it was a really fun and quick project. They are so cozy and warm and moreover super bulky yarn gives them a squishy texture. Hello friends, I hope you are enjoying your day. here for all my knit & crochet patterns in one place, simply subscribe to Nourish and Nestle here,, Ragan Chambless - Brand Influencer Campaign & Event Manager,,,, 14 skeins of Super Bulky (size 6) yarn, 21 yards per skein. I am also using Bernet Blanket – 10.5oz/300g. What a lovely collection you have. Chunky Knit Merino blanket, Arm Knit Merino blanket, Chunky Merino Wool Merino wool blankets are good for decorative purposes. Wow…that is one BIG crochet hook! You did a great job aging it. What I would recommend is to cast on 10 stitches with your yarn and knit those 10 stitches for 4 rows to determine your gauge on this yarn. Even though I really like natural fibers, I used acrylic in this case because of 1) it’s washability and 2) its cost. LOVE LOVE this blanket. It looks so warm and cuddly. Grab yourself the pattern and some chunky yarn and get knitting! amzn_assoc_search_bar="true";
Yup, that’s the idea. I know what it’s like when you just need that little bit of direction and can’t find it! And please know that I will absolutely help you along the way. Hey Debra, Mine were 4.5′. Way to go girl. See more ideas about Knitting patterns, Knitting, Chunky yarn. ... For every King Cole pattern you buy, a donation will be made to the Pink Ribbon Foundation. I just got done drooling over your china cabinet and all your beautiful blue and white Spode and Wedgewood. Thank you for this pattern & vids. You should definitely give them a try, they can be a quick knit. I recently got some really thick yarn as a present and I’m trying to figure out how large of a project I would be able to make out of it. By subscribing to Nourish and Nestle, we will only use your email address to send you emails (no more than 2-3 per week) that will keep you up to date with the latest news and content on the site. (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience and I will earn a small commission if these products are purchased. I made this thick, cozy, chunky knit blanket in one day, while binge-watching ‘Nurse Jackie’ during Winter Storm ‘Jonas’. Approximately how many more would need to be added. I’ve actually given it to my daughter who is away at school and she keeps it at the foot of her bed and hasn’t needed to wash it. Truth time…the shedding doesn’t really go away, it gets a little better though. It is so warm and we’ve had some rather chilly weather recently, so it’s coming in handy. In any event, if you can’t get them to play in your browser, you can surely pop over to my youtube channel to see them. How long is the cord? Blanket & Cushions Knitted in Timeless Chunky. The flagpoles have a diameter of 32mm, so they were a good bit larger and ended up just being perfect. Hi Helene! It was fun to make. It was fun to knit something that went so quickly. Your email address will not be published. Maybe buy the yarn for 2 blankets, 1 for you and 1 for her! I have sent all my subscribers the link to the Subscriber Benefits Library. love the blanket – this will be my first chunky project – just need clarification on instructions – do i knit, purl the first row and then remaining rows k1,p1,k1,pl to end next row p1,k1,p1,k1 to end. So I bought a pair of circular US 50s on Amazon and they work GREAT! I think I’d be afraid to machine wash it. I’m in my happy place when I’m cooking, baking, creating, crafting, diy-ing and gardening. Also used the exact same yarn and it’s super soft. You too? Will I need to add more stitches since my needles are smaller. Thanks for your sweet words on my blanket. I keep tellin ya, we’re twins!! Thanks sweet Lindsay…I’m really quite pleased with how it turned out. I’d cast on 10 stitches and knit for 5 rows.. Then you can measure the length that you got with the 10 stitches. We do not feature our own designs but our editors' selection. Thanks again…happy knitting. Happy Knitting! amzn_assoc_ad_type="smart";
Carol, as crafty as you are it would take you no time to learn and I’m sure you’d enjoy it as well. Hugs, LYnn. Hi Michele, so glad and would love for you to come back and share. Hi Lisa…I’m pretty tickled with it myself. Please know that I welcome each and every comment that comes my way. Thanks for stopping by. Our mission is to share the best free patterns for you, your family and your home. I have never known how to knit, you make it look super easy though! I did make a cat bed out of it…so let me wash it and see what happens. If you are relatively new to knitting, we’d recommend using our Chunky wool to create a stylish cushion cover for your bedroom or lounge, or choose from one of our blanket knitting patterns for a simple first project. I sprinkled it with catnip and everything, but she has no desire. Just want to make sure it’s long enough. It is such a quick knit that you will truly be able to do all three in three days. I hope this helps and I’ll be glad to ‘counsel’ you as you go along. I figured I would knit a chunky yarn blanket as big as 17 skeins would make. I do have to stop and think sometimes when I switch between the two, but I encourage you to give knitting a try. Check back in and let me know how you accomplish it. Whatever you make using a super bulky yarn will definitely work up in no time. Not sure how you’re going to avoid that with a bulky yarn. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Giant knits are very trendy and surely many crafters favorite projects. Tie them really tight. It’s going to be tough to go back to regular sized needles and yarn…I enjoyed the immediate gratification. How did you join each ball of yarn. 4.4 out of 5 stars 48. Unclutter Your Nest and Lighten Your Load Boot Camp, How to Resize a Blanket, Washcloth or Towel. I am looking forward to trying to make one, also. Jumbo yarns, which have a gauge of 1-2 stitches per inch are another great alternative. So…with that in mind…I do think you could do this. I’d love for you to stop back and share your creations when you are done. Pin it for your future reference. Hi Marie, if your daughter is a knitter, it’s a quick project. Wow what a beautiful blanket that is! I’d work just mastering the basics and making sure you had a consistent tension, meaning that your stitches are all the same size. Pinning to share your pretty blanket! Choose your favorite colors, mix and match them using two strands – the possibilities are endless. I looked into broomsticks and was going to use them until I remembered my flagpoles. Perfect for a winter day and a glass of wine! It’s a gift and would like it to look as finished and polished as possible. For the 2nd row and every even row, start the row with a k1p1k1p1, then knit the rest of the way until your last 4 stitches, which you will k1p1k1p1. You could ‘shave’ it if you desired. Do you have any idea about the weight of your blanket? Good luck…pop back in with questions as you go along on this.
I cast on 38 stitches but if I did it again, I would probably do about 44–the weight of the yarn made it longer and narrower than I had hoped for. I think crochet is harder on your hands…I know what you’re talking about when you say your hands cramp up. Thank you for sharing!!! Chunky Knit Blanket Free Pattern; Tags: free knitting patterns, how to knit. Hugs and Kisses…LYnn, Oh my gosh. All Right Reserved. Those are some big knitting needles. I am using a size US35 (19mm) circular needle, 40 inch. Would really like to see how to make this. Is she heading out of town anytime soon? Here’s one that can be tailored to size, pattern and color, but in 100% merino wool. I am using a similar weight of yarn. Wow, you are amazing! I’ll either keep it in the den or put it on the foot of my bed. The yarn isn’t as lofty as what Lynn’s yarn was so I felt I needed to do that.