Huon pine trees grow very slowly requiring about five hundred years to reach the size at which the trunk could be sawn into timber. Huon pine embodies the gravitas of history. Lagarostrobos franklinii is a species of conifer native to the wet southwestern corner of Tasmania, Australia.It is often known as the Huon pine or Macquarie pine, although it is actually a podocarp (Podocarpaceae), not a true pine (Pinaceae). assesses nominated products for Australian Standards compliance through a quarterly mill audit. But because the timber does not rot and the logs float green, they can be utilised by sawmillers decades after they were first cut. Furniture and wood-turned items are other major uses. Photographs by Jillian Smith Salamanca Images / Tasmanian Special Timbers. © Huon Pine @ Tasmanian Special Timbers 2019 -. Because they were first found in the Huon River the trees were called Huon pines, but further explorations showed that this river is only the eastern extent of their range, and the wet temperate rainforests of the Gordon River and its tributaries are the centre of their distribution. Ask an expert. Undressed seasoned timber 25 to 350 mm wide by 25 to 50 mm thick. $ 2,400 Unique. Critical Radiance Flux measures the radiant (heat) energy required to sustain burning.

Rimu is a closely related wood composed of a handful of species still in the Dacrydium genus, primarliy D. cupressinum and D. nidulum.

For buildings not protected with a sprinkler system, a maximum smoke development rate of 750 percent/minute applies. It is measured in units of m2/kg. Huon pine forests do not occur on any private land in Tasmania. Poles - celery-top pine & craft grade Huon pine. Huon Pine is the prince of Tasmanian timbers. Refer to AS 5604-2005 Timber - Natural durability ratings.

Growth rings closely spaced. Unseasoned density is an approximation as it depends on the moisture content at the time of measurement. As well as being a preservative, the methyl eugenol provides the timber with natural lubrication, so it can be bent, shaped or sculpted without splitting. Questions on Tasmanian Timber? Cuts cleanly and accurately with low feeding force. The stress grade indicates the basic working stresses and stiffnesses to be used for structural design purposes. Huon pine contains a natural oil (methyl eugenol) which provides its legendary durability also gives the wood a unique and pleasant fragrance. IST Strahan has a large stock of salvaged craftwood logs, limbwood, and stumps for sale. Huon pine was once the most prized boat-building timber in the world, and our sawmill still regularly supplies boat grade timber to boat builders and repairers. It is sometimes referred to as New Zealand Red Pine. Every log is thoroughly assessed and carefully cut and seasoned to maximize the timber quality and quantity, and even the smallest offcuts and sawdust are made available to craftspeople for value-adding.

Please do not purchase Huon pine timber or logs which could have been illegally removed from Tasmania’s National Parks, World Heritage Areas or State Forests. The average timber tree is likely to be at least 1,000 years old. These days the industry is carefully controlled, with stockpiles of logs collected prior to the flooding of their habitat by hydro electric schemes being the mainstay. Tangential shrinkage is the measure of the percentage reduction in dimension from the unseasoned to 12% moisture content condition.

Very limited (mainly decorative thicknesses). Tasmanian Special Timbers – the Huon Pine Specialists For decades we have been providing the bulk of Tasmania’s high quality, unique and amazing Huon Pine, and almost all of the world’s supply of the extraordinary King Billy Pine. EFH Smoke-Developed Index is a measure of the concentration (measured by optical density) of smoke a material emits as it burns. Huon Pine is Australia’s oldest living tree which produces Tasmania’s iconic specialty timber. The joint group is a classification of the strength of a species in joint design. $29 (5) Masters Huon Pine Pepper Mill.


Durability is defined as the inherent resistance of a timber species to decay, or to insect or marine borer attack.

As mentioned, Huon Pine is the boat building timber nonpareil and remains so today. The town of Strahan was established in 1887 principally to provide services to the mines in the hinterland, and it also became a base for the timber getters – called ‘Piners’. Some species have been tested and a number are in the process of being tested. Blackwood and Myrtle, mainly 25mm thick planks ranging from 50 to 300mm wide, $12 per super foot.

Meanwhile in the rainforests of the Gordon River, deep within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, 8,000 hectares of Huon pine habitat – containing trees from tiny seedlings through to ancient giants – ensure that this remarkable Tasmanian will grace our planet for hundreds of generations to come.

Radial and tangential movement is the percentage of dimensional change for each 1% moisture content change between about 3% moisture content and the fibre saturation point for the particular species.

An index of 19 indicates that the material ignited in the first minute. Talking Architecture & Design Podcast (Episode 59), HY William Chan talks about how architecture and the design sector are vital to tackling both climate and social change, Ceilings, Internal Wall Materials & Partitioning. Huon pine timber is pale coloured from light straw to rich golden however fresh wood surfaces darken after contact with air and sunlight. It is a light, soft and very fine textured wood which is very easy to saw, chisel, plane, turn or sand. An index of 0 indicates that the material did not ignite during the 19 minutes that the test takes.

Resistance is measured by BAL. Fire Properties Group Number: is rated from 1-4 - 1 (Non-Combustible), 2 (Reasonably Non-Combustible), 3 (Slightly Combustible), 4 (Combustible). Maximum Crushing Strength, also referred to as compression strength, measures the ability of the timber to withstand loads applied on the end grain. Buyers can trust that the guaranteed products from our suppliers come from a company IST Strahan has a large stock of salvaged craftwood logs, limbwood, and stumps for sale. Very rare. Photographs by Jillian Smith Salamanca Images / Terry Dougherty. Australia’s oldest living tree which produces Tasmania’s iconic specialty timber. ) Easy to drill.

Timber for sale. It was ‘green gold’ – Huon pine – which drove this amazing enterprise. A truly timeless treasure. Please call or text Tasmania’s specialty timber as logs, including Huon pine craft logs, burls and sawn timber, (green & kiln dried).

Because the wood is naturally very durable logs can weather to silver-grey in situ but remain sound inside a five mm skin for hundreds of years. They were right; it turned out to be the best boat building timber in the world. Large Mixed Timber Photo Frames. It is also waterproof and insect resistant, making it prized as a boat building timber. Growth rings are conspicuous and usually wavy. IST Geeveston also sell craftwood logs, stumps and sawn timber. Measured in MPa. Seasoned density is based on moisture content of 12%. Furniture and wood-turned items are other major uses. 85% of total Huon Pine forest types are reserved. Figures are approximate. It is much prized for furniture making and cabinetry work especially the bird’s eye and figured timbers. All references to durability refer to the heartwood only. $235 (8) Orb Pair Salt & Pepper Mills Large. Logs which apparently have lain on the ground for several hundred years are still being harvested and milled.

Formaldehyde glues usually give the best results; other may have problems. There are just three sawmills in the world with a license to cut Huon pine sawlog, and we expect the supplies of salvaged, dead timber, carefully husbanded and managed with skill and respect, to last at least two more human generations. The Australian timbers I have used and ones that I believe would be good carving timbers are; huon pine (a bit soft but holds detail well), White beech (very soft and very easy to carve, holds detail surprisingly well but can be waxy, difficult to sand, if you finish your carvings that way. 25mm material bends fairly well to a radius of 50mm. $69 (3) Sold Out. We look forward to telling you more about Hydrowood. It is measured in Nm. S1 and SD1 yield the highest strength and stiffness whereas S7 and SD8 yield the lowest. Measured in MPa. The requirements are set out in BCA Specification C1.10a, providing CRF values for floor coverings based on Class of building, the location within the building (general use or use in fire isolated exits) and whether or not the building is sprinkler protected or not. Huon. A very slow growing tree, reaching up to 40 metres in height, Huon Pine is very much sought after by craftsmen and artisans because of its unique beauty. The richness of its golden colour and figure make it one of the world’s most desirable furniture and veneering timbers. Birds Eye Huon Solid Timber bookshelf SOLD CAN BE RE-ORDERED.

Lengths up to 5400 mm long are available. A buried Huon pine log was documented by scientists to have been lying there for 38,000 years! It is a light, soft and very fine textured wood which is very easy to saw, chisel, plane, turn or sand. The ‘Piners’, early timber getters, searched the inhospitable wilderness of Tasmania’s West Coast to cut and haul out Huon Pine logs. Huon Pine, Lagarastrobus franklinii, Australia’s oldest living tree which produces Tasmania’s iconic specialty timber.