For example, a tablespoon of cream cheese (14.5 g) contains nearly 5 grams of fat and less than a gram of protein. Taleggio is a popular cheese that originated in Italy. It has orange rind and a mild flavor. Gorgonzola is a strong and powerful cheese from Italy that packs a big flavor. Many types of soft cheese contain less fat than firm varieties of cheese such as Cheddar or Edam (which can have up to 55% fat content). For example, ½ a cup of ricotta (124 g) made from part skim milk contains 14 grams of protein, which is 28% of your RDI. guide to the nutrition benefits of ricotta, may help to guard against cardiovascular disease, 5 Nutrition Benefits of Ricotta Cheese (and How To Use It), High Protein Cottage Cheese Pancakes (They’re Low Carb Too! Thanks for this article. It is much more flavorful, and sometimes it can have slightly sour notes. The tender, orange rind can range anywhere from sticky and thin to coarse and leathery, all the while adding an al dente bite in contrast to the indulgent mouthfeel of the cultured butter-tasting paste. This small serving gives you 33% of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium. Cheese is such an art form to me. Established in almost every cuisine around the world, cheese has been carefully crafted throughout time to become one of those most sought after ingredients in the culinary realm. as a website with great science instead of politics please be more careful with that definition. As the cheese matures, so too does the flavor. Other semi-hard cheeses like Cheddar or Red Leicester melt well and have a slightly crumbly texture. One of the differences between Camembert and Brie is that Camembert is shaped into smaller flat cylinders than Brie. Havarti makes a great pairing with wine, cured meat, and fruit, and many people like to grill it. Some producers also use sheep’s milk or goat’s milk to create fresh Mozzarella cheese. Some types of fresh cheese have a smooth and creamy texture that makes it easy to spread on crackers, bagels, or toast. Cottage cheese is a fine example of a naturally low-fat healthy cheese that is great to eat if you want to lose weight. They may have a point because the lumpy texture somewhat resembles cold rice pudding. (113 g) serving. Roquefort comes from sheep’s milk and it is ripened in the caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, Southern France. "@type": "Question", What about Stilton, the’king of cheeses’? Similar to Cheddar, Dutch cheesemakers classify Gouda by six different grades, depending on the age; Gruyère is a Swiss cheese from the medieval town of Gruyères in Fribourg, Switzerland. In the case of string cheese, it is very similar nutritionally to regular cheese. Pecorino Romano should not be confused with generic ‘Romano’ cheeses in the North Americas. Soft cheeses are usually not used for cooking. This semi-hard cheese also crumbles well and can be eaten on its own, with fruit, or used in recipes. Port Salut is a type of semi-soft cow’s milk cheese that originates in France and has a distinct orange-colored rind covering a light-yellow cheese. "mainEntity": [{ Flavor Notes: Light, buttery, slightly salty, Accompaniments: Green apples, pears, fig jam, honey, Texture: Velvety, thick, squidgy, a bit sticky, bloomy rind, Accompaniments: Cantaloupe, pecans, baguette, Texture: A bit drier than other soft cheeses, sturdy, middle can slide out if cut open and left at room temp for a couple hours, Flavor Notes: Bright, tangy, a little sweet, Wine: Sauvignon Blanc or Spanish Albarino, Accompaniments: Figs, balsamic dressing, peppery greens, whole wheat bread, baguette, beets, almonds, apples. This gives the soft white cheese a tangy, creamy taste. It has a soft texture and is pleasant to eat along with nuts, grapes, or honey. As for the many types of cheese in the world, there's too many types of cheese to count.There are about 400 different types of French cheeses. Today, most moldy blue cheeses use the same type of mold to give flavor and color to the fancy cheese. Another popular fresh cheese is Ricotta which has a creamy texture and is a healthy type of cheese. Usually, most cheese boards include Brie because it goes well with grapes, fruits, ham, and wine. Usually, Parmesan is used as a condiment for various dishes and may come in a granular, powdery form. This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. (1), Parmigiano-Reggiano or Parmesan is an Italian hard cheese with gritty texture and fruity nutty taste. very informative and detail. Some other popular types of soft cheese can include the following: It can be difficult to distinguish between cheese varieties that are classed as “soft cheese” or “semi-soft” cheese. However, the typical aging process of Havarti lasts for around three months. When compared to the cow milk variety, Mozzarella from cow’s milk has less flavor and a sweeter taste than true buffalo Mozzarella. ", Blue mold cheese was discovered by accident when cheese was left behind in a cave near the village of Roquefort in France. For one thing, Camembert is ripened/fermented in smaller sizes, which allows for a faster process. Appenzeller cheese is a hard cow’s-milk cheese. People often refer to the cheese as Parmesan, and it has a protected designation of origin (POD status). Shop All Cheese Knives Types of Cheese Knives According to dining etiquette , a cheese knife should not be used on more than one cheese type on your cheese board. As with all varieties of cheese, Cheddar contains a good amount of calcium with a 1-oz. Gorgonzola is a fine example of crumbly Italian blue mold cheese with a light blue and white marbling effect. You can also eat this delicious semi-soft cheese on its own or together with fresh tomatoes, a little olive oil, and fresh herbs. Creme fraiche and sour cream look alike and are made similarly, but they provide slightly different flavors and textures to your dishes. However, in recent times, Mozzarella from cow, goat, and sheep’s milk is being produced. Our focus is your convenience – order online from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jarlsberg is a popular Norwegian cheese with a mild and nutty flavor. For this reason, it is better paired with food rather than eaten alone. Every European country has their own classification of cheese and the more cheese they have the more complicated they are. For instance, there is a wide variety of ways to serve Feta; it can be grilled, eaten raw in a salad, or marinated in olive oil and several herbs. Due to its intense flavor, the best way to use this type of blue mold cheese is along with other foods. We have done the research to see which cheeses will give your pizza the best look and taste. Younger cheeses are mild in flavor with a smooth, semi-hard texture; older Gouda is hard and crumbly, with a deeper flavor. The cheese is named after the town of Camembert, situated in the Normandy region of France. One study found that mold in blue cheeses may improve cardiovascular health and inhibit cholesterol forming. Brie is much milder and creamier in flavor than its cousin Camembert, and this is down to two things. This aged hard cheese offers one of the most abundant sources of vitamin K2. For example, one type of low-fat cottage cheese only contains 1 gram of fat in a 4-oz. One of the most famous cheese names in the world is Camembert. Texture varies here depending on how the paste is introduced into the world, but the taste is usually mild, slightly acidic, and only lending a small hint of flavor. The strongest-tasting type of Gorgonzola is Piccante Gorgonzola that is aged for between 6 and 12 months. The barely formed rinds are more buttery, sweet, and mild. As with most blue cheeses, Roquefort is a type of cheese with an intense earthy flavor that can be sharp and tangy. Mascarpone has a delicious light, creamy and very mild taste. Cheddar is made in the English town of the same name and is aged in the Cheddar Gorge caves. First, producers add cream to Brie before fermentation, and this gives the cheese a higher fat content. Our fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding customer service make WebstaurantStore the best choice to meet all of your professional and food service supply needs. The cheese has a delicious soft center surrounded by a slightly chewy rind. As a result, cottage cheese is particularly useful for those wanting a more protein-dense option. "name": "How Many Types of Cheese Are There? Appenzeller is a type of Swiss hard cheese that is made from cow’s milk and is aged between 3 and 6 months. For example, some types of Cheddar or Gouda cheese have been aged for 5 years or even longer. Love Gouda and Cheddar as well ! } Most types of goat cheeses have sharp tangy taste and they come in varying textures. Fresh cheese is produced with the same basic ingredients as hard cheese and soft cheese. What Is the Difference Between Creme Fraiche and Sour Cream? Just as a chef will use various types of knives in a day to increase their efficiency, each cheese knife type has a purpose to improve the user experience. The cheese is aged for almost 10 weeks, and to ensure that it’s fungus free, it is washed every week with seawater. "@context": "", Havarti is a semi-soft Danish table cheese. In terms of appearance, Mascarpone is a creamy white color, and it looks similar to yogurt or a thicker version of sour cream. anon297662 October 16, 2012 . Ricotta has some excellent nutritional benefits too. Mascarpone is a soft cream cheese from Italy and can either be made with cow’s milk or cream. You just need to watch portions as a 1-oz. However, the key words there are “for a blue cheese” – it is still sharp and pungent compared to other cheeses. It is also a common ingredient in toasted sandwiches, and a variety of French soups and stews use it. However, there are healthy options to choose from when it comes to picking your favorite type of cheese. Although you may be concerned about eating “moldy” cheese, there is some evidence that it may have health benefits. This helps to give Brie its distinctive white edible mold rind which also helps keep the shape of this soft cheese. Popular foods that use Mascarpone include the Italian dessert tiramisu and risotto, and many cheesecakes use it too. Compared to other blue mold cheeses in this category, Danish Blue has a milder flavor than Gorgonzola but a sharper taste than Roquefort. The serving size has 171 calories and just under 10 grams of fat. um, I am trying to figure out what cheese low fat for breakfast with spread on a rice cake? For example, most cheeses contain good amounts of calcium, protein, and other important nutrients. A 1-oz. This cheese has a mild, slightly sweet, and creamy texture, and it is one of the most popular types of cheese in the world. Mozzarella is one of the best-known cheeses in the world. (2), Pecorino Romano is a popular hard, salty Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk. ), Since Feta uses sheep or goat’s milk, it may be suitable for those who have. Unlike other cheeses in this category which have very mild aromas, Port Salut is a matured cheese with a strong aroma. As Camembert ripens, it develops a thick rind and has a more pungent aroma than Brie. Unless you are lactose intolerant, enjoying cheese occasionally as a healthy snack will not result in any health problems. Last Updated on October 17, 2020 by Michael Joseph. "acceptedAnswer": { Gruyère is aged for between 6 months and a year, and this longer aging time is responsible for the harder texture. The 7 different types of cheese. Therefore, a little bit goes a long way. serving containing 20% of your calcium RDI. Brie is one of the most popular cheeses in the world, and it pairs well with cured ham, fruits, and wine on a cheese board. Notably, it is a fresh cheese and does not undergo fermentation. Types of soft cheese are usually defined by their creamy texture and delicious buttery taste. =). Often even crunchy due to the moisture loss and small calcium lactate crystals, firm cheese offers a dynamic texture and mouthfeel when sliced thinly and paired with jams, or grated on top of al dente pasta.