To unlock Dinki-Di you'll have to do an early side mission in Jeet's hideout. The Pipes (10x Scrap, 4x Insignia, 1x History relic) - two snipers can be found before the entrance to the camp, and the gate is protected with flames.Inside you will find two groups, in both cases a War Crier is hanging above the arena. Without further ado, let’s look at some of Mad Max Map Minefields. You're only other help to find them is Dinki-Di, (your stray-dog companion) who can sniff out the explosives. "This part of the Great White used to house the majestic pipelines which transported oil from offshore rigs. Behind the door opened with explosives you will find a bridge, on the other side a single opponent and slightly below a History relic. This guide will provide the locations for all the minefields and convoys across the Map in Mad Max. Play Download Threat Locations (Minefields): Minefields can be discovered just by driving near them. Fuel Veins Minefield Locations. Mad Max psfo (8) Lowskimitsu's Channel Remaining minefields and scarecrows. We all know that the in-game Map in Mad Max is a bit ... Fuel Veins. Now they lie empty and rusted out, scavenged for scrap and deteriorating, like a monument to the eras of the big machines. 1:54 2.61 MB. Mad Max Fuel Veins Minefield. The Fuel Veins is one of the Regions of the Great White in the Mad Max video game. Well, the only harm is you being harmed by a minefield, whether or not hidden minefields exist in certain territories is a gaming mystery. They are always accompanied by a fair amount of car wrecks.