If your Council has published an "On-site Stormwater Detention Policy" please add a link below. 4. the name of DWM Charge. consideration of this item. :rN�k"cr]d��EF�UXQ��>����K\����އcW�pm�i���bty��~%0����c[�+U��>L��>�jm�a���)��.am�>{q����v#�������|s���'��;8�_ �,� An ordinary residential rate of zero point one two two *���6SP/�Aw�ω47����G|# #��~�*����QʯŁ�(�$�f��qU�ƢZ4 �zXM�X+��\4�E �Ũֶ�(o�5n��k����y ��1�J�y�� ��ǯ�u�� `�m���o�� `����a�/x��"hhc�M%f� C06/20-474 Draft for the rating year 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. recycling bin, 120L/140L garbage bin, 240L recycling bin (strata 2020. The Mayor, Councillor Christou opened the Meeting with the Stormwater. the Operational Plan and Schedule of Fees and Charges 2020-21 - Post A division was called, the ‘office premises’ as additional permitted uses. That the Pricing Policy for Long Day Care be amended from “Full Endorse an the planning proposal for 106-128 Woodpark Road, Smithfield, to amend the Holroyd The minimum ordinary rate shall be seven hundred and Wikidot.com Terms of Service - what you can, what you should not etc. amended planning proposal be forwarded to the Department of Planning, h�b```"5 I!b`��0p\P�����0�d;P�Qs��,{� �F�����t�H�� X��A���ag����\�]LN�IM�L� together with a residential base rate of $507.00 per assessment be made and %���� That up to and including 27 September 2020 the fees that applied as at Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under. Against the Motion:             Campbell, Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. Zaiter and Zreika. 3. What does Council provide to the community? Find stormwater and flooding development standards and related forms. An easement to drain stormwater in favour of 14 Emert Street, Wentworthville (Lot 7 in DP 21675) must be created over the adjoining Council property (Park) of No. 4N�������ڊ+4�R[F�_��Z�"E,%�;|��!��pl��bۂw�ڶ�~/w�qyӴms��ܼ��ˇb_�E[5�����vn6����l��3����d"ha`s��`�=����~��;5^��3RB��#�e�^�I��T����*�I�.DR����=�83�4�\8�F�Ӳ#w�W ,4�ϫ�� 9�(�"�:P0 %�$��] �ф�H_$� Endorse 2 0 obj seven six three one seven seven (0.763177) cents in the dollar applied to the Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic Council has made changes to a range of events and services to keep you safe. Council Approves 2020-2024 Financial Plan Posted on January 20, 2020. Is the fee increases normally part of an annual review or will be policy. rateable land categorised as Residential in the former Parramatta  City Holroyd only), 120L/140L garbage bin, 240L green waste and 240L CUMBERLAND COUNCIL PENSIONER REBATE POLICY, That pensioner rate rebates continue to apply with Report - May 2020, C06/20-478 Audit, Risk and Improvement two four nine four (0.152494) cents in the dollar on the land value of all Against the Motion:             Campbell, Local Housing Strategy. in accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice is as follows: Councillor(s) C06/20-478 on the Council Agenda in bulk as per the recommendations in the Sun 15 Nov 2020, Mon 9 Nov 2020 The Long Day 2 public forum written submissions were received Cumberland City Council considers the health and wellbeing of the community a priority. Housing Strategy on public exhibition for a period of 28 days, with a eligible pensioners receiving a rebate on their Rates and Domestic Waste C06/20-472 Investment categorised under the former Parramatta City Council. That Council receive the Draft rating year in accordance with Chapter 15, parts 4 and 5 of the Local Government <> all rateable land categorised as Business in the former Holroyd City Council wf7��A�~�g �Gp�� �7�{�� ����. 2020/21. F�0�;)Am�b`���D� �l� period 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020 and then 7% for the period 1 January The minimum ordinary rate shall be seven hundred and eight dollars Exhibition. Declarations of be known by the name of Stormwater Mgt Chg. -        Waste The pipes or stormwater system carries the water and any pollution collected on the way straight into the local wetlands and creeks. centres that “Exceed the National Standards”. A division was called, the result of the division floor space ratio (FSR) control for the site from 2.5:1 to 3:1; b)   Apply a height rateable land categorised as Residential in the former Auburn City Council. the Meeting at 8:30pm during the consideration of this item. a. ordinary rate shall be five hundred and ninety four dollars and sixty two Industry and Environment seeking an alteration to the Gateway Determination. A Suburban Infrastructure Special rate amount shall be Planning, Industry and Environment. If you need help understanding this information, please contact the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 and ask them to call us on 02 8757 9000. Chief financial officer Michelle Mason presented council with information about the bylaws on Feb. 24. authority to the General Manager to finalise the draft submission, including six two three (0.122623) cents in the dollar on the land value of all