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How might Elliot use the McKinsey 7-S or Bolman & Deal's Four-Frame model to explore the issues and help his regional board understand the governance and structural changes and their impact on the region and the HHSC system? would you please answer the following questions would you please answer the question could you please answer the questions below could you please answer my call The purpose of Act 262 (1996) was to free the community hospital system from state regulations; the legislation exempted the HHSC from many laws applied to other government agencies. Could you please answer the question below in C++ using 2D From the graph we can see that the roots of #f(x)# are: The reason for listing #3# twice is that the graph touches the #x#-axis but does not cross it (multiplicity of roots). The remaining appointments were made by the five regional CEOs, which created a new dynamic in which a health system CEO reported to a board whose membership included individuals who were once their direct reports. While most of the employees at this company are new, Martin ___ here for over ten years. Key Words That Make Direct Questions More Polite . Act 182 changed the composition of the board and reduced the size from 15 to 12. What goals should guide a country's immigration policy? HHSC regional managers found most potential partners hesitant to evaluate partnership opportunities without enabling legislation addressing structural issues related to such a transaction. No region requested full control before the 2009 legislative session in January, yet the new structure caused discontent among regional executives and some influential legislators. Between 2008 and 2013, one region contacted more than 20 companies to explore joint ventures and submitted confidential information to several potential partners describing the operational and financial condition of its physical plant. The state's director of health (a governor appointee) remained on the board ex officio, without vote. If the beginning balance in the Raw Materials Inventory account for May was $27,500, the ending balance in the same account for May was $28,750, and $128,900 of materials were used during the month, … if you have knowledge in that area please let me know. In informal situations, one could use the word "can" in a direct sentence. Basically the area above the #x# axis is positive while the area below the #x# axis is negative. Hello, could you please explain the question below? 1. The law, however, failed to address an expensive and politically sensitive issue faced by HHSC as a quasi-state agency: civil service protections for staff. Prior to passage of Act 290 (2003), the governor appointed 12 of 13 members of the corporate board with little legislative direction. It's a disguised order. When Act 262 (1996) passed, there were 12 hospitals—most located in remote, rural, and sparsely populated areas with insufficient resources to meet operating expenses (see Figure 5.1). The main reason for moving to online courses is to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The new law increased the board size to 15, with 10 appointed by the governor. Elliott understood that this legislation allows his peers to do what is best for their local communities, but he feared the largest region (Maui) would find a partner and leave the system. Show transcribed image text. However, during the 1996 committee hearings, the regional board concept was replaced with regional management advisory committees, which provided community input but had no governance oversight. What factors influence public opinion and actual policy - are they the same? int main() Although the governor reiterated her support for reforms to strengthen the network of state hospitals, once again she allowed the bill to become law without her signature (Lingle, 2009). It requires the reference web research and 300-400 words for each, not requires the fomat. Eager to understand the changes and to offer his regional board and leadership team insights into the potential opportunities of the situation, Elliott considered using elements of the McKinsey 7-S Framework (Waterman, Peters, & Phillips, 1980) and Bolman and Deal's Four Frame Model (Bolman & Deal, 1991) as a starting point for discussions at the board meeting and with his management team.