BT also acquired Fiat's subsidiary, Atlanet for €80 million which provides domestic telecoms services to Fiat and other business customers across Italy. BT Ignite was renamed BT Global Services in April 2003. The main contractor was Peter Lind & Co Ltd.[4], The tower was originally designed to be just 111 metres (364 ft) high; its foundations are sunk down through 53 metres (174 ft) of London clay, and are formed of a concrete raft 27 metres (89 ft) square, 1 metre (3 ft) thick, reinforced with six layers of cables, on top of which sits a reinforced concrete pyramid. [32] [25] For the tower's 50th anniversary, the 34th floor was opened for three days from 3 to 5 October 2015 to 2,400 winners of a lottery.[26]. Initially, the first 16 floors were for technical equipment and power. The tower is still in use, and is the site of a major UK communications hub. and Asian systems integrator Frontline in 2008. A renovation in the early 2000s introduced a 360° coloured lighting display at the top of the tower. By the end of its 2010–2011 financial year, Global Services had increased orders with customers by 10% year on year, improved profitability, and became operating cash flow positive a year ahead of schedule. The BT Tower is a communications tower located in Fitzrovia, London, owned by BT Group. The display is the largest of its type in the world,[22] occupying an area of 280 m2 (3,000 sq ft) and with a circumference of 59 m (194 ft). From the 90's through the early 2000s, BT Group, then known as British Telecom, struggled. [17][18], On 10 February 2016, Global Services announced it has been awarded a five-year contract worth more than £9 million, to deliver computer and data centre services to Bromley London Borough Council. The main structure is 177 metres (581 ft) high, with a further section of aerial rigging bringing the total height to 189 metres (620 ft). [14] Public access to the building ceased in 1981. In April 2019, the display spent almost a day displaying a Windows 7 error message. The coloured lights give the tower a conspicuous presence on the London skyline at night. [2] Its Post Office code was YTOW. [1] Martin Smith is Chief Finance Officer, Kevin Taylor is president of BT in Asia, Middle East and Africa, Chet Patel is Chief Transformation Officer and president of BT in Continental Europe,[31] Ashish Gupta is president of BT in the UK and Global Banking and Financial Services, and Jennifer Artley is president of BT in the Americas. [10] Responsibility for the bomb was also claimed by members of the Angry Brigade, a far-left anarchist collective. To prevent heat build-up, the glass cladding was of a special tint. Mahindra & Mahindra started joint venture with British Telecom in 1986 as a technology outsourcing firm. Most notable are Radianz, the then network arm of Reuters in 2005;[7] the global network operator Infonet in 2005;[8] The company failed to secure a strong partner, struggled to expand internationally, and had significant debt. [2] It was established in July 2000 as BT Ignite. [9], In its first year the Tower hosted just under one million visitors[10] and over 100,000 diners ate in the restaurant.[11]. BT Italia è filiale italiana di BT Group, gruppo britannico di telecomunicazioni già noto con il nome di British Telecom; nata nel 1995 come Albacom da una società mista tra l'allora British Telecom e la Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, dal 2008 la compagnia ha la denominazione attuale e agisce in Italia come sussidiaria della capofila britannica. It replaced a much shorter steel lattice tower which had been built on the roof of the neighbouring Museum telephone exchange in the late 1940s to provide a television link between London and Birmingham. A question was raised in Parliament about the crane, in August 1963. Telecom Italia S.p.A., denominata anche TIM S.p.A., è un'azienda italiana di telecomunicazioni, che offre in Italia e all'estero servizi di telefonia fissa, telefonia mobile, telefonia pubblica, telefonia IP, Internet e televisione via cavo (in tecnologia IPTV). [13] In 2006, Atlanet was merged with Albacom to form BT Italia. Between 2002 and 2009, the Global Services division made a string of acquisitions to expand its global footprint and broaden its business offer to customers. [19] It is also shown in the London A–Z street atlas from 1984. [25], In 2017-2018 financial year Global Services reported a £5bn revenue, £434m EBITDA and £10m operating profit. Typical for its time, the building is concrete clad in glass.