The blade comes with a thumb stud for easy deployment, and a mechanism that locks the blade into place so it can sturdily cut through hard surfaces. Tanto points were originally created with the sole purpose of stabbing into armour. The Albatross Tactical Survival Military Knife would perfectly answer the question ‘if you were stuck in the desert, and had to take one knife only, which one would it be?’ without doubt, the Albatross 6-in-1 should be one of the first to come to mind. The high quality steel used in the production process of these items + the massive list of responsibilities they must be able to carry out are what makes us suggest this. You can use something as simple as WD40. the 2.8 inch blade is incredibly sharp and pretty easy to sharpen. Oil will protect the metal on your knife from being exposed directly to the open air. The Ultimate Cutco Knife Set Review and Guide: Should You Buy? It’s the perfect daily carry knife or camping knife, with a system that glides open smoothly and closes safely for storage. Whereas smaller knifes are going to be more practical for transport and useful for tasks that require slightly more finesse. Which is a shame, because any knife should be treated with respect. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. FeaturesThe Kershaw Blur is a sleek and elegant tactical knife that’s perfect for a wide variety of uses. Made from AUS 8A steel, it’s guaranteed to last. FeaturesLike with many of the other brands mentioned in this list, SOG has a solid reputation for quality. Combine this with the fact that all of Gerbers products are actively field tested and you have a winning combination. ... Best EDC Knife Picks (2020… The materials involved in the manufacturing process of any blade are vital. This blade has been cooled down to incredibly low temperatures then brought back up to room level to remove stress from the metal. Ultimately, which of the two you would consider the best folding knife comes down to personal preference. Overall, a solid knife. It’s easier to tell a tactical knife from a regular one, while normal knives may be fancy or differently shaped depending on the task, tactical knives either have tanto-blade shapes, plain or serrated edges, lanyard holes and a generally tougher form that makes them the go-to knives for users who are keen on reliability. There’s an overlap for the requirements in all three of those types of knives – but each of them are better at something. Some models also have clips on their side that allow them to be attached to a belt or a key chain. FeaturesGerber has a reputation for reliable knives and blades, and the Applegate Covert might be the best tactical knife they have in their product lineup. They determine how quickly your blade will begin to deteriorate after exposure to the elements. They actually looked to the U.S Military for information to help them design this knife… You have entered an incorrect email address! While some tactical knives boast of being the perfect ones for certain small jobs around the house, others are efficiently designed to take on both tough and soft work. This portable folding knife is offering a durable, sharp blade, with an ergonomic handle that makes all the difference. Steinbrucke are a company who specialise in building solid, good quality tactical knifes to the public at a reasonable price. On the smooth grip handle, there’s a pocket clip for easy attachment to daily wear like khakis or boots and other carry bags as well. From merely looking at it, you can tell the knife was well crafted sturdily, and reliable enough to take camping, climbing, fishing, and the like. Whilst it’s true that tactical knifes can fulfill this purpose, they’re a little bit over-engineering for this task. In the world of knives, a tactical knife is a kind of knife that has one or more military-style features meant to be used in extreme or emergency situations. Spyderco Pacific Salt black FRN H-1 black Blade PlainEdge, SOG Spec Arc Folding Knife | 4-Inch VG-10 Blade, Cold Steel 4005037 Recon 1 Clip Pt. Especially around the grip/handle to ensure a more comfortable and reliable and grip. The sheath is made of hard-molded plastic, it can be clipped into your belt, concealed in your boot or attached to anywhere else you feel is necessary. Generally speaking, stainless steel is the way to go. Combat Knives, Hunting Knives & Multi-tools, SOG Rescue Pocket Knife – Trident Elite Tactical, Harnds Warrior/General Tactical Folding Knife, What To Look For In A Tactical Knife – A Buyers Guide. They’re designed to be rugged enough that they can potentially be used for this purpose in an emergency – they’re not designed for this purpose first and foremost.