Luckily, they’re manufacturing more of these ultra-tough. Used by Germany’s Bundeswehr Armed Forces, this beefy blade embodies everything you could want out of a tactical combat fixed blade knife. One of the bigger issues with some fixed blades is that they have the downside of a lot of seemingly-unnecessary bulk in their construction. Our affinity for Spyderco isn’t going to surprise any of our regular readers. It was a stroke of genius for Zero Tolerance to realize that, in order to make a hardcore tactical folder, it makes sense to draw inspiration from a legendary tactical fixed blade. If you’re interested in that story, we’ve outlined it in great detail in our complete history of combat knives post. Blade Length: 3.2″ In fact, Al Mar called upon Colonel Nick Rowe to help design it to the program’s rigorous standards back in the 1980s. Handle: Glass-Reinforced Fiber Composite. Designed by Steve Tarani, this knife boasts a partially-serrated CPM-S30V drop point blade mated to a sturdy G10 handle and features the brand’s signature AXIS locking system. Blade Length: 6.5″ Steel: Niolox Steel: VG-10 Handle: G10. Built to honor the legendary and late Colonel Rex Applegate, Gerber’s Applegate Combat Folder is a legend unto itself — designed specifically to serve users in close-combat situations. Buck 110 Auto Knife. And that’s for the simple fact that they have moving parts — which are prone to breaking, jamming, or getting too dirty to be serviceable in the field. They’ve been relatively quiet as of late except for a collaboration series of knives made with Kershaw, but in 2020 they have updated one of their best compact tactical knives with a spring-assisted flipper mechanism that’s tall enough to double as a guard against cutting yourself on your own knife … It’s marked by a partially-serrated dagger high-carbon steel blade, a grippy and lightweight fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle, and — probably best of all — a USA-made construction. S35VN and GRN knives for those who missed out the first time around. These are the models worth your hard earned buck. Purchase: $60. It’s undoubtedly an investment, but it’s a sound one. Blade Length: 5.09″ Originally introduced in 1966, Gerber’s Mark II fixed blade knife isn’t just one of the oldest tactical combat cutting tools still in production; it’s one of the best and most iconic, period. Favored amongst law enforcement and the military, this is a top-tier tactical combat knife through and through. And the flow-through design makes it ultra-easy to perform maintenance on it in the field. The best pocket knife is sharp enough to get the job done and convenient enough to bring everywhere. The latest and greatest fortification for Apple's latest mobile gadget. Blade Length: 5.5″ or 7″ That’s due in part to its lightweight skeletonized G10 handle, but also because of its high-end CPM-S30V steel blade and formidable compression lock mechanism. But it has a few added bonuses that elevate it in regards to tactical and combat usage. Steel: 420HC If ever there was a blade manufacturer that deserved to be considered amongst the most hardcore of folding knife makers, it’s DPx Gear. Blade Length: 4.4″ The latter reason is the sole purpose as to why many police officers choose to carry a knife. Blade Length: 9.75″ And they succeeded with its 1075 steel blade and combination Micarta and G10 handle. And while that’s enough to earn it a spot here, it also has some other clever, if unnecessary features — like laser texturing on the blade — which sets is apart from its competition.