Considered one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Tyrol, Ambras Castle is a Renaissance castle built in the 16th century on top of the of an earlier 10th-century castle, which was the seat of power for the Counts of Andechs. The great baroque architect J. It is still the property of the family and a popular visitor attraction in the easternmost province of Austria. It contains a ballroom, the state apartments, and a Baroque garden terrace complete with pavillions and fountains. The Best Castles, Palaces & Historic Homes in Austria Schönbrunn Palace (Vienna): This palace of 1,441 rooms was the summer residence of the powerful Hapsburg family. B. Fischer von Erlach modeled his plans on Versailles, … Joseph Haydn worked in the 18th century for thirty years as conductor for the princely family. Prince Eugene’s summer palace Schloss Hof was brought back to life as one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in the world, thanks to a renovation project that began in 2002 and cost more than 30 million Euros. The most famous room of the palace is the historic banquet hall, which is named Haydn Hall.