In a fitness world full of moving forward and backward, the concept of lateral movement often gets overlooked. Remember, these are great for cardio as well, so get that heart pumping. Lateral raises, in combination with other angular movements (front, varied angles, etc) can be a great way to stimulate new movement coordination and awareness. Here are the key benefits of the dumbbell lateral raise; An isolation movement is an exercise where there is only one joint movement and very few muscles involved. Find Out The Truth About Planking! Disclosure: This is a professional review blog which gets compensated for the products/services reviewed by the companies who produce them. Choose a comfortable position for yourself, in which it is convenient for you to maintain balance: When you have mastered a lateral lunge with your own weight (without inventory), you can start using additional weights to increase the load. Lateral raises have been a staple movement for bodybuilders looking to add quality shoulder size and width to their frames, and rightfully so. This will eliminate the problem areas in the inner thigh; Lateral lunges also allow you to work out the quadriceps from a different angle, which means it helps to develop leg strength; Together with the lateral lunges, you can simultaneously perform exercises for the muscles of the upper body. Tilting the body slightly and pushing the pelvis back, do a deep squat so that the thigh is almost parallel to the floor; The left leg at this moment is a straight line, the knee is tightened. For example, lateral exercises on a slide board help to build the outer hip muscles as well as those in the inner and outer thighs, which stabilize the knees and can minimize joint pain and injury. Can You Get Injured at a White Collar Job? Most importantly, don’t be embarrassed when performing cartwheels in public. This exercise is excellent for cardio and balance. Prevent Shoulder Injuries with These Powerful Moves! Finally, as you will soon find out, lateral movement exercises are a lot of fun. The load is easily adjusted due to the weight of the weights; In addition, from the point of view of technology, lateral lunges are a fairly simple exercise, especially when you compare them with squats or lunges forward and backward, which have many technical nuances. A uni-lateral exercise is a movement that will only require one side of the body to be applied throughout, for example; single leg split squats, single-arm dumbbell row and in this case; the single-arm lateral raise. Like other plyometric exercises, you can modify these bunny hops by increasing the line invisible line width or alternating one foot at a time. Benefits of isolation movements include; easy to learn for beginners, safe, can single out injured muscles for rehabilitation, can even out muscular imbalances from a health perspective and an aesthetic perspective also. 3334 Commercial AvenueNorthbrook, IL 60062, Tel: +1.847.480.1366Toll Free: 800.259.5356, How Slideboards Can Help Golfers Prepare To Hit The Links, Five Slideboard Moves for a Great Core Workout, Five Moves For A Total Upper Body SlideBoard Workout, How Tennis Players Benefit from Slideboard Use. Uni lateral exercises should be a vital component to any training regime and everyone should try to incorporate at least one uni lateral movement for every session they do. While more sport-specific movements like cleans, snatches, squats, and log presses are critical to performance as strength and power athletes, movements like the lateral raise can and should be used throughout one’s training to increase muscle hypertrophy, aid in blood flow to tissues, and even establish better joint actions and control. 4 Lateral Strength Exercises for Runners Ideally, you want to aim for 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions of each of these exercises. With benefits such as decreasing the likelihood of injury, building balance and coordination, and keeping your routines fresh and interesting, lateral movement is an important aspect of exercise and training. In short, the stabiliser muscles will keep your body stable during any isometric contracting movement you perform. The below video demonstrates how the lateral raise can be performed using just about any object (dumbbells, kettlebells, small weight plates, cables, etc). This variation helps maintain alignment and proper form. The lateral (side) raise exercise offers us more than just bigger, broader, and more defined slabs of muscle onto our frames. Early humans may have exhibited a greater need to use basic primal movements in more survival-based situations. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Ensure that your palms are facing towards your torso. The primary benefit of including unilateral exercises in your training programs is that the exerciser is using both sides of the body equally. In today’s world of walking to the office, sitting at a desk and taking a coffee break, there is little need for lateral movements. When performed correctly, dumbbell raises can develop the lateral head of the shoulder so much so that you may as well be wearing a set of shoulder pads! This article will discuss the benefits and effectiveness of lateral lunges, the features of the execution technique and variations of side lunges with different equipment. Building lateral movements into your workouts is an important part of helping your body to build the strength and flexibility it needs to perform. Variety is essential to maintain both physical stability as well as mental balance. Therefore, in this article we will discuss lateral raises, how to perform them correctly (as I have found most people, myself included, may have been doing them wrong), and what benefits we can expect on performance. Lower the foot completely to the floor and move the body weight to the right (supporting) leg. The degree of difficulty can be altered based upon the loading, tempo, range of motion, and even slight angular differences in the lateral (side raise). The below are three benefits that coaches and athletes can expect to gain from performing these in their accessory training, regardless of sport. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! There are three planes of movement in which we can move; the sagittal plane, the horizontal plane and the frontal plane. Yes three, stabilising muscles applied in an isolation movement! It is one of the options for classic lunges, but it has certain features. The exercise gets its name from the “crab-like” movement that is produced. Increasing shoulder size and growth (hypertrophy) is key to any strength, power, and fitness athlete as it allows the newly built muscle fibers to learn skills like force production, movement integrity, and how to contribute greater amounts of work to bigger lifts like presses and gymnastic movements. Balance and Coordination: Stabilizer muscles are used in lateral exercise, which can provide increased body balance and coordination. Bunny hops are easy exercises in theory, but when done in repetition and with increased cadence can be quite the cardio burner. Whilst the dumbbells are being lifted as part of the movement, a slight flexion is allowed in the elbow. Developing this part of the shoulder will give the shoulders a bulbous appearance and will carve out an impressive separation between the biceps and the triceps, therefore creating an image whereby the arms are bigger and more defined than they may well be. You can create as much of a “bridge” as is comfortable, but don’t worry about starting too extreme. When looking at injury prevention and sound movement coordination/control, we must recognize the fact that lateral raises allow a lifter to promote loaded movement throughout a wide range of motion. Try to keep the non-supporting leg on each exercise in the air to develop that extreme balance. Unlike other types of exercise, lateral training doesn’t have the tendency to be quite so tough on the knees and joints. ✓ At the top of the movement, your hands should be facing downwards in the pronated position. With so many standard workouts focusing on linear motion, simply adding lateral movements into your routine can be a great way to breathe new life into your regimen. These play a primary role in adducting the legs and improve forward reach and mobility of the forehand. Tags: exercise, healthy lifestyle, sports. Better yet, mastering a perfect cartwheel technique does not happen immediately, providing a hearty challenge for those goal-oriented athletes. The trunk of your body moves via the spine and associated muscles. As many common activities, such as running and biking, are forward-moving, they call upon the same dominant muscles repeatedly and regularly place stress on those same muscle groups. (Pronated = Hands Facing downwards, Supinated = Hands facing upwards kind of like holding a bowl of soup… Easy way to remember it, right!?). All of the products are tested thoroughly and high grades are received only by the best ones. Don’t miss: Build Massive Shoulders By Hitting Them From Every Angle, The Dumbbell Lateral Raise – Common Mistakes. We will discuss the three major benefits of unilateral exercise, and show you how they compare to bilateral exercise in some cases: 1.Improve Power. The lateral (side) raise exercise offers us more than just bigger, broader, and more defined slabs of muscle onto our frames. The lateral raise is one of few exercises (others being wide grip pull ups, wide grip pull downs etc) that incorporates the frontal plane. As opposed to a compound movement which involves more than one joint movement and a large variety of muscles involved. As soon as we start to crawl, this cross-lateral pattern of movement stimulates more complex brain and nervous system development and integration. For short-twitch athletes such as football, soccer, and basketball players, a heavy focus is put on lateral, multi-planar movements that allow side steps, quick reaction times, and versatility. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. El este instructor fitness, antrenor personal si tehnician nutritionist cu acreditari recunoscute pe plan national si international. Think of it as an imaginary, sideways jump rope. He is a certified fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutrition consultant, working with people and celebrities worldwide. We may find that some muscle groups are lagging and need to be addressed, which can be difficult at times when the muscles that are failing are small and often masked by larger groups. BarBend is an independent website. You Are Here: Home > Blog > The Benefits of Lateral Exercise. Standing vs Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Presses, Brian Shaw Tests Out 2020 World’s Strongest Man Equipment, Day One of 2020 World’s Strongest Man Canceled, All of the Events for the 2020 World’s Strongest Man, 2020 World’s Strongest Man Qualifier Groups Announced, Powerlifter Rudy Kadlub Sets 4 World Records At Age 71, The Best Barbells For Training, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and More, The 11 Best Creatine Supplements On the Market.