Head towards the aforementioned Memphites Barracks. They’re filled with traps and require the player to remain on guard. On her downtime, she enjoys watching the latest video game walkthrough or planning to attend the next comic convention. Assassin's Creed Origins Guide and Walkthrough. At the same time, this gives a glimpse into Bayek’s life back home. This is an example of the game’s myriad of interesting characters worth engaging in the side quests. No one would know this unless someone told them. Both of these would be a bit difficult to find without prior knowledge. NEXT: 10 Assassin's Creed Mysteries That Still Aren't Solved. There are a lot of them so be prepared to run away if they deal too much damage to Bayek. Now, head to Alexandria. Break the vase and examine the papyruses that were hidden inside of it. Every place is open to exploration, from the edge of a cliff to the rug of a hermit. Find the nearby hidden Papyrus: 1/1 Reward: 300 XP. Bayek has to use his deductive skills to find this kid, who’s been pretty badly injured thanks to his own behavior. They are on boats that float on small rivers that run through Memphis. In the wee hours of October 27th, the first side quest missions began to make their way onto YouTube. There, you have to find Otis' corpse. Destroy one of the weakened walls (use a melee weapon). What can top a dull ordinary sword? The second objective is to get 2 Flamingo Tongues and 2 Heron Feathers. Sennefer has... changed more than his name, however, and the player leaves with a rival for the chariot races. Might want to get Doc from Back To The Future to help with this one. The first one is easy to find but the second located in the middle of the Deheret Desert region at a tomb. The eagle will find a passage to undergrounds. Bayek informs you that something is inside of it. Like most places in this game, there is always another entrance. The two of them work together and wind up taking down a Roman encampment, and freeing... well, it’s best to play and see. Instead, you can decide to go around them. Your first objective is to obtain a fertility talisman. The last, third, client is in north-east part of Memphis. How to unlock: Speak with one of the praying people or check the Informant Table in Memphis. Origins also throws some myth into the history. A shield here or a spear there can make a ton of difference when your back is against the wall, so it pays dividends to explore every nook and cranny. Players will have to travel to this area to locate the papyrus solution. Then, with the player’s help, they storm a location containing the enemy, and the rebel soldier is able to gain his revenge. After that you must confirm your kill. Origins will not make exploration easy for players; this game will have you paranoid if a wall is hollow or if a tomb has multiple entrances leading to some treasures. Wild Ride introduces the player to Nikias, a man in desperate need of a rider. The nice part about this papyrus riddle is that players can kill two birds with one stone. Memphis Locations Wabet. If you are the type who loves exploration and gets excited about the journey, then you will enjoy this. Look into cracking your way into every tomb. Kill him however you want and free the girl.