And it doesn’t address statutory rape because Frankie was 18 and Alex was 15. Alex Cooper combines the personal care & dedication of a family business with the technical sophistication and world-class online platform you’d expect from a global company. That needs to change. Unfortunately, she uses the bad ones has her guide to love. They made her stay inside the house for months. Eventually they wore down and she started being obedient. Alex can’t take her eyes off Frankie and wants to get to know her better. At Alex Cooper, we specialize in both real estate and estate sales – with in-house expertise on everything from precious gemstone jewelry and rare antiques, to sterling silver, fine art, coins and other collectibles. Alex (Addison Holley) had the vague idea that she was gay. At Alex Cooper, we specialize in both real estate and estate sales – with in-house expertise on everything from precious gemstone jewelry and rare antiques, to sterling silver, fine art, coins and other collectibles. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The strict Mormon parents packed her off from her home in Victorville, California to the Simms couple in Utah. Reviews of movies and TV focused on women. Heartbroken, Alex’s parent’s walkout and never look back. Her parents kicked her out. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. Note, in the movie, it says 5 men but this list can refer to women as well. Instead, she spends the night with Frankie. Historical Letters & Documents Hitting The Auction Block November 12th, 2020, Latin American Art Collection Appears at Alex Cooper. There are spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen the film yet. During rehearsal, Amy is interrupted by Mitchell. While Alex and her friend Daniella prepare for Earth Day Recycling, Alex meets some of Daniella’s sister’s friends. Only their wit and each other. Amy is about to head to Teachable Talk (like Ted Talk) to give a presentation on mystery writing. She worries that she will bore the crowd. Instead, she spends the night with Frankie. After 8 months being trapped with the Simms family, she earned a tiny amount of freedom. Alexis is Mitchell’s wife and Billy is his best friend. If you think Alex’s parents were ignorant and blinded by religion, Johnny and Tiana were all that and cruel besides. She tried everything she could. The most consistent male presence I have in my life and you’re a fish – Corina, Yeah, even black twitter can’t compete with Janelle – Mark, God gives each of us free will to use as we see fit– Pastor Althea, Girl, I believe in fiscal responsibility – Janelle. He is told to stay away from the investigation. With so much amazing work on the screen, this movie still has some pitfalls. If this topic interests you, you should also check out The Miseducation of Cameron Post. Based on Saving Alex by Alex Cooper and Joanna Brooks, this movie is as disheartening as it is disgusting (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). This town is her jurisdiction. It’s Mitchell. She tells Johnny and Tiana that Frankie’s last name is Jackson. She and Mark knew each other on campus but she was the unattainable, popular girl. A hug that catches Amy off guard. For weeks, the two spend time together. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Amy believes that Alexis or Billy killed him. The film is based on the book Saving Alex (affiliate link) by Alex Cooper. I can’t find that information in a Google search either. Alex wants to take things to the next level, and Frankie reluctantly goes along with it. It will be 8 months before Alex is free from her own personal hell. ( Log Out /  They talk about old times and make plans to see each other again. She failed, but many young people don’t. Travis walks into Holly’s coffee shop and sees Amy enjoying breakfast. Our real estate auction division provides innovative and efficient disposition solutions to our clients throughout the Maryland, Virginia & Washington, D.C. areas. Both work for McHale Tech, which is owned by Mitchell McHale. He takes over her rehearsal for his own. When Amy leaves, Holly tells Travis the Teachable Talks are run by Amy’s ex-boyfriend Tim. While bringing qualified buyers and sellers together, our gallery auctions present a unique variety of antique & designer jewelry, fine & contemporary art, sterling silver, luxury accessories, coins & currency, decorative & Asian arts and fine rugs.