Regardless of how hardy your handset is, I’d always recommend buying a decent case for your phone to cushion the blow if you drop it. Many people with a hearing loss are, to a greater or lesser degree, dependent on sign language or lipreading to communicate. TalkBack is awesome, especially if your eyesight is as bad as mine or you've lost your glasses. Whether you’re watching TV or talking in a busy room – just plug in your headphones. Download Open Sesame from the Play Store. Activate the toggle next to it, and that's it: You can now press your phone's physical power button anytime you want to hang up an ongoing call. Some frequencies are harder to hear than others, after all. And of course the frontrunners are Apple Pay and Google Pay. Text-to-Speech is probably the most well known of all accessibility features - you may even use it already. So, if possible, consider heading indoors to try and get a clearer call. I tried the colour inversion and the phone looked great. You can configure Voice Access to fire up anytime you say "Hey, Google" or "OK, Google," assuming you have those hotwords activated on your phone. First of all, the options are NOT hidden. Also crowdsourced, WheelMate and WheelMap are incredibly useful if you’re out and about in a wheelchair. While loudspeaker is useful for people with a hearing loss, it can also be really helpful for people with a physical disability. You can check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA website. Accessibility in our age of mobile technology is a pretty incredible thing. One of the problems I noted was that a Samsung Galaxy Light is not listed as an S4 so my problem lies in the fact that even though sometimes referred to as an S4 the device I possess does not possess the accessibility options listed among the I suppose more popular S4's, which is probably due to the fact that these though almost as good as the more popular model, are lacking, because for one thing, they are commonly the sale priced variety, so perhaps there are no fun options for the accessibility area of my device, sorry to have bothered you, but if at some time in the future perhaps you can review any options that might be utilities through the accessibility area of these Galaxy Light phones, because I believe there are quite a few out here, because of the companies offering them at a discounted price for becoming a customer of theirs, thank you for your time, and consideration in not referring to me on some rude manner because of my mistaken idea about my device somehow fitting in with those of the people with enough money to actually afford a more luxurious phone, I though because the reference calls it a four it was an S4,mistakes do happen, and this unfortunately is one more I am able to chalk up as a learning experience. The charity, “Action on Hearing Loss”, explains that: “The M (microphone) rating refers to how well the phone will work with your hearing aids on the normal setting, and the T (Telecoil) rating refers to how well the phone will work with your hearing aids on the loop setting (see page 3). uSwitch Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under firm reference number 312850. While looking like a home screen, the app allows you to make certain changes your default can’t accommodate. VoiceOver est un lecteur d’écran révolutionnaire qui vous permet de savoir ce qui se passe sur votre iPhone, même si vous ne voyez pas l’écran. Accessibility options come in all shapes and sizes and many are unique to the particular device or Android version that you have. Without ever needing Wi-Fi or mobile data. About the video Read less A new way to have a conversation. And if I do need to go out, I can just order an Uber and be there in minutes. Download WheelMap from the Apple App Store. According to a representative from Apple Support, iPhone users have a similar option as they can set the side button to activate the Zoom function when triple tapped. All you need to do is turn this feature on in the settings menu. |. A little swipe and your phone wakes up allowing you to see your notifications (the ones you allow to be shown on the lock screen) and dismiss them as normal. We're here to help. No swipes or other gestures needed. 2020 Contributing Editor JR Raphael serves up tasty morsels about the human side of technology. Read on and we’ll talk you through a whole host of tips and tricks to help you adapt your phone for your sight needs. And second (and rather bafflingly), it works only when you have physical headphones plugged into your phone — which means Bluetooth headphones won't do the trick. This is also known as "single sign on". And you can edit the phrases in the settings to personalise it and to make it easier to use. So, check out hotspots for getting a good signal and, where possible, look to make those calls where you’re most likely to get the best quality signal on the call. It’s worth trying speakerphone to see if it has a positive impact on your conversations. Download Blue Badge Parking on the Apple App Store. It is an open standard that is maintained by a nonprofit organization. Open up the Accessibility section of your phone's settings and scroll down til you see "Power button ends call," beneath the "Interaction controls" header. Apple surprises everyone with the new iPhone SE. Not your average Android news — a diverse mix of advice, insight, and analysis with veteran Android journalist JR Raphael. Once it's up and running, Voice Access will show visible numbers next to every tappable function on your screen whenever it's active. Black backgrounds like Android had in 4.2.2 were much more usable. There are a number of special accessibility options on smartphones designed to help you use most of their standard features. Sign up for my weekly newsletter to get more practical tips, personal recommendations, and plain-English perspective on the news that matters.